Four Sweet Things a Wife Can Do for Her Husband 3

June 22, 2008 by Dee Gold  
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Like most wives, sometimes I forget how important little things are when it comes to marriage, that’s why I started writing these reminders.

These are the third set ofsimple ways to get your husband’s attention and to keep the bond of marriage closer. I enjoyed writing these series that’s why I hope that anyone who reads them would find them helpful.

Remember sometimes LESS is more:

Love note

Leave him a love note, in a place, where he’ll never suspect to see one, like in the bathroom. This might even motivate him to buy flowers for you every week.

Earth friendly moment

Ask your dearest to plant a tree with you in your backyard. Then water it together everyday. Love will grow stronger with it.

Share a blanket

Share a blanket when it’s cold. You can wrap your man with your love and make his heart warm, too.

Seal it with a kiss

When did you last see a letter with a big SWAK written on it? Or heard the line, Sealed With A Kiss? It is important that every decision you make together would be sealed with a kiss.

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19 Responses to “Four Sweet Things a Wife Can Do for Her Husband 3”
  1. Rachel Says:

    awww… you are such a romantic…

  2. dee gold Says:

    thanks for the comment,rachel.God bless you!

  3. Rookie Expert Says:

    Simple, basic and necessary. Its fun reading this series of the LESS lists.

  4. dee gold Says:

    Thanks rookie for that wonderful comment.

  5. tonisan60 Says:

    Your man is very lucky to have you, have you any sisters?, joking again, we are to far away.
    Claps for your beautiful work, too many women forget that we are also sensitive, and not only rude.
    Infinitive kisses and sidereal hugs.

  6. KOside Says:

    thanks for the reminders of ‘how to love’ i think i’ll try the love note tonight

  7. dee gold Says:

    I really hope the note will bring more sweet moments for you and your sweetheart.
    Thanks for leaving a comment!

  8. Monica Says:

    These are simple-cute-loving things! Im forsure trying them asap!

  9. Dee Gold Says:

    Hi monica,
    Yes, try them and I’m sure you’ll have a sweeter life together.God bless you!

  10. trishia Says:

    I’m happy to have received your comments on”Will you Love Me After? I’ve missing out on some good information. I’ll be catching up to your other writings! God Bless.

  11. Dee Gold Says:

    You are so supportive.I enjoyed reading, Will you love me after?

  12. Brian Daniel Stankich Says:

    wonderful topic

  13. dee gold Says:

    i’m glad you think so,brian

  14. Athlyn Green Says:

    Heartwarming reminders. Sometimes its the little things that make a world of difference.

  15. NASTASSIA Says:


  16. kamlesh786 Says:

    really working tips ,simple and sweet to keep relationship fresh

  17. Juancav Says:

    Nice,we have to keep the flame burning all the time.

  18. revivor Says:

    great to see the detail in these ideas
    love is alive!!

  19. amilia snow Says:

    i loved the “seal it with a kiss” point, absolutely romantic and true~

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