Four Reasons Why Women are Unfaithful

April 27, 2011 by yan1ss  
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Four reasons why women are unfaithful.

4 motive pentru care femeile sunt infidele4 motive pentru care femeile sunt infideleThey say that men are unfaithful “in construction”, but in reality, today more women than men cheating, revealed a recent survey by a British company said onThirdAge . Of the 3,000 respondents, over 20% of women admitted to have been unfaithful.Another survey conducted by sustne this trend, as 5% of women recunsocut cheated their partners as compared to 3% of men. Kelly Wallace Gail Saltz and psychologists have tried to discover the reasons behind this increase in female infidelity. Although loneliness and desire to feel appreciated are usually the main reasons that cause women to deceive their partner, they found four other reasons expertele surprising that women are unfaithful. RevengeA woman who was betrayed in turn can cheat to get revenge on her husband. ”If he was cheating on her, the wife may not want to sleep with someone else, but he thinks it’s the only way that will make you feel a pain similar to the one who caused it themselves,” says Wallace.If a woman’s sole purpose is to hurt their partner’s infidelity, indeed, a sure way to success.Specialists say that men are not as empathetic as women, so usually can not feel pain as much than if it is caused directly and personally.But if women are trying to mend relationships or to heal their broken hearts, cheating revenge by far will not offset the balance. ”Once her husband cheated, she also will get to feel guilty.Family and relationship will be destroyed and everyone will pay the price of its vengeance. “ They want to be caughtWomen in unhappy marriages or relationships can use infidelity as a way to escape the long-term relationship. Psychologists call it an affair “output.”"There are very unhappily married women, particularly married mothers, who would feel too guilty if they might be those who would say my dear, I can not stay with you . So I will have a reason. “Wallace said. Because men do not really forgive infidelity almost certainly will be the ones to break the relationship, thus taking on the shoulders of his wife guilty of being shattered family. In addition, it gives women an affair will certainly not be alone after the breakup of their marriage.”Women enter into an adventure as to who is going to have time to finish her ​​marriage will fall apart. It’s the next step for her, “says Saltz. They relive the pastWhen the relationship is going through a difficult period, she can call on a former lover for consolation. ”Sometimes, frunzarirea page book with a former boyfriend can be an easy way for a woman to find a sexual partner to do it temporarily feel better,” says Seth Meyers relations expert psychologist. Often this type of infidelity is not related to the renewal of feelings for her former lover, but with her desire to be again the woman who was at the time her relationship with that man. ”Returning to the days of youth makes her feel alive again, younger, carefree, sexier and more appealing,” says Weil. Reanalyzed their lives as a result of traumaExperiences on the border between life and death are not always a bridge for the couple.Women who have experienced a trauma that changed their life from scratch (be it an accident or illness) may begin to look at life before and choices with different eyes and sometimes begin to look a new partner outside marriage. ”When you look death in the eye and start asking survive questioning everything – job, friends, marriage,” says Wallace. If you have a new chance at life, some women cheat their partners to feel that living life fully each moment, especially if their partner did not support life and they were not together during the shattering experience.

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