Five Things You Must Discuss with Your Boyfriend Before Marriage

January 29, 2011 by abbeygirl  
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Do not get carried away by the fact that he is the one for you! There are still some things you must talk him about!

Congratulations if you have seen a life companion in your current boyfriend. But wait a second! Do not get carried away by emotions. There are still things you need to discuss with him before you really say, “I do”. Why? Because bringing them up will help you avoid clash after you being married with him. So lets understand what are those topics here.

1. Where do we live?

While some people are happy to live near parents, others prefer locations near to work. Meanwhile, sometimes new jobs demand relocation. So you need to ask your partner as to where you two will live after marriage. Failing to do it can create argument later in the married life.

2. What are our missions for the future? 

This is one of the most sensitive issues that you will have to bring to the table as soon as possible. You need find out whether the two of you have similar future goals. What are those you wonder? They are about whether to buy your own house, work for a company or save money to open a  business to get rich. Basically, couples must make sure that their future goals match.

3. When and how many children should we have?

Some people simply do not like children, but others love being around them.  Find out whether your partner really wants them and how many in number. It is also important for you two to discuss as to after how many years of marriage you would want to conceive a child.

4. Would you be interested in helping me with household tasks?

In general, people think it is the duty of the wife to take care of the house. But we must remember that these days women work 8 hours in office just like men. So it is rather foolish to think that once at home, they will be able to handle all household chores. Basically, that is why, the boyfriend and girlfriend must do a discussion on whether they are interested in evenly distributing those tasks between each other. This is highly important. Remember that one of the reasons behind high divorce rate is men not helping their wives in those things. 

5. How should we handle our monetary?

Some husbands and wives are happy to have a joint account. Others prefer space. Meanwhile, different household bills and grocery form another problem. Good news is that since women also contribute financially to a family, the men now are free from certain cost burden. But one going overboard with spending can create much disappoint in the marriage. So you must discuss with him things pertaining to bank account and budget.

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