Five Signs Your Partner is Cheating

June 25, 2013 by amundy8  
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Have you ever suspected your partner is cheating but was not completely sure because you did not have evidence yet? Although many men have suspected their wives or girlfriends of cheating, many women are emotional beings and seem to suspect a bulk of it committed by their husbands or boyfriends.

From a woman’s perspective, not only does cheating hurt emotionally, but it breaks trust in the relationship, especially in the area of fidelity. If you approach the situation, stay calm about it. Don’t blame yourself, because there is no excuse for cheating. Cheaters are usually insecure and will think you will leave them anyway or will even accuse you of cheating.

Not all men who exhibit these patterns are cheaters, but no matter how sure you feel, out of all the questions of when and why men cheat, the question still remains…how do you know?

1. GUT FEELING – If you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach, listen to it! Humans are created with instincts and if you feel uneasy, then there is a reason for it. Know that it is still important to wait a few days until you have gathered enough proof. If you are uncomfortable bringing up the subject of finding out, ask questions and watch his reactions. If he acts more uncomfortable than usual and it is shown in his gestures, then he is lying.

2. HIS CELL PATTERNS – He unusually leaves the room or goes outside to text or call vs. all the other times that he is in the same room. Watch his behavior patterns in all areas, including his calling and texting. If he stops talking or texting when he sees you coming, or acts like a deer caught in a headlight, he’s busted! Beware! I have seen this happen and he finally admitted that he was busted. Some will even be so bold to sneakily put the phone down while inviting you to sit with him to avoid suspicion. If you are clever, it won’t work. In other words, he isn’t fooling you like he thinks he is. If you continue to gain his trust, he will eventually let his guard down and give you access to some important clues.

3. HE SMELLS DIFFERENTLY – If he suddenly reeks of cologne when he usually only wears shower gel, then pay attention. It doesn’t have to be her perfume. It could easily be just a change in his own cologne, especially if he doesn’t ask for your opinion anymore. Though there are some men who always dress nicely or smell nicely, some may still change up a little. Others may dress trendier and more relaxed than usual. Regardless of how, if there are changes in his patterns, something stinks.

4. HE SHOWERS/CHANGES CLOTHES IMMEDIATELY AFTER RETURNING HOME. If this is not his routine pattern, watch closely.

5. HE MAKES EXCUSES TO LEAVE MORE OFTEN even on days when he is not working. If he leaves immediately after sign #2, pay attention. Don’t follow him, act jealous or give him any clues of suspicion, because he will try to be more careful to cover his tracks in the future. If his is dumb enough to leave all the evidence, then be wise enough to stay calm, confront him at a neutral time and leave him and that situation as soon as you can.

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