Five Reasons for Divorce

November 8, 2013 by Cristina Olvera  
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The top reasons for divorce are infidelity, addiction, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, mental illness and financial issues.

In the United States approximately 49% of marriages will end in divorce for various reasons. The top reasons for divorce are infidelity, addiction, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, mental illness and financial issues.


Infidelity is hard to recover from. Once that trust has been lost it can become impossible to save a marriage. Some couples can overcome this, but for others infidelity often leads to divorce. Cheating is something that may be forgiven, but it’s never forgotten. The spouse that cheats usually lives every day thinking that their husband/wife will cheat on them and this causes more and more trust issues that eventually breakdown the marriage and results in divorce.


Addiction is hard on any relationship especially a marriage. An addiction can be devastating whether it is alcohol, drug, sex or gambling. Getting along with an addict is impossible. They change into people you don’t even recognize anymore and if they are unwilling to get help the marriage quickly goes downhill.


Abuse in any form will eventually destroy a marriage.  It causes fear and breaks the bond. A person who is being abused in any way loses who they are and will eventually become almost robotic out of fear that they will do something to cause the abuse to become worse.  Overtime this breaks the person down, they become emotionless and everything that holds a marriage together breaks down as well. 


Mental illnesses are stressful and if they aren’t properly controlled they can cause a lot of tension on a marriage, especially if the mental illness develops after the couple marries.  You marry a person because you love their personality among other things and when a mental illnesses changes that and you can no longer recognize the person you married it’s hard to cope with.  Often times it’s impossible and divorce becomes inevitable.


Financial issues are one of the most significant factors that can lead to divorce.  If one person is a spender, while the other person is a saver, it’s going to cause problems.  If both are spenders then they’ll lose everything and the stress of that will tear the marriage apart.  It’s plain and simple with this one.  If the money management styles don’t match up, the marriage isn’t going to last.

Love isn’t always enough.  In a perfect world it would be, but this world is far from perfect.  A good marriage doesn’t just happen and most divorces don’t happen without a good reason.  There’s a lot of work involved in sustaining a happy marriage and if one of the partners doesn’t put the work in, all the love in the world won’t save it.

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