Five Minutes Kiss Everyday Make Your Marriage More “Alive”

August 4, 2011 by Whynn  
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This is some method to increase your happiness in marriage.

 super busy  husband. Even because he is so busy, you can’t have your best quality as a pair. Don’t be sad about it, you must do some changes to make your marriage more “alive” than before and full of love.

That changes can be done only on 5 minutes everyday. It is just a while, isn’t it? Are you curious how we will do it? Let’s check it out.

Kissing like when you are still a lover

Even if you are so busy or your husband is busy, don’t forget to spend 5 minutes (yes, it is only 5 minutes) to share your hot kiss with your husband. Because, a warm feeling that is made from that kiss can make your day or your husband’s day become more meaningful. When you are kissing, you and your husband have to share your commitment together.

Talk to your partner as he/she is your first love

Your husband is the man that you married, not a stranger that hit your head until you are down. So, watch your intonation when you are talking to him and how you talk to him; with respect, kindness, and understanding. When you are discussing a problem with him, take your time until you can finish talking until it is done and with a good way.

There is no more “ME”, it is only “US”

Stop using the word “ME”, in a marriage it should only be “US”. A study for 154 couples that change their word from “ME” to “US” react positively one another. And only they don’t get depressed more often than they used to be. Because “US” means togetherness.

Respect each other

Say “Thank You” every time your husband do good things for you to show how you respect his action. Focus on how you should say “Thank You” to your husband every time he doing something to you, “Thank you dear,”

Teasing each other

Do you remember how happy you are in the beginning of your marriage; teasing each other, flirting each other, touching each other, and kissing each other. Do you remember? Then do that again, because this small things can make your relationship become stronger than before.

Become a spoiled child every time you wake up

The best way to start a day is to spoiled as you like to your husband. Set your alarm 5 minutes earlier to enjoy the feeling when hugging your husband or enjoying how your husband kiss you before you are busy with your work to wake your children up or to prepare breakfast or to go work.

Tell your husband that he is in always in your mind

It doesn’t matter how cold your husband is. He will touch when you said that to him. Man loves a little surprise, i.e when you send him a short message about how you miss him.

Enjoy your life

The happier you are, the bigger the effect that will make your feeling happy. Make sure to keep yourself happy so your positive aura will always flow and strengthen your marriage.

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