Factor Only Wife Cheating, How About You?

November 6, 2011 by sollonk  
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Not just a guy who likes to have an adventure. In fact, there are also women who deviate from their partner. But for many reasons behind the desire of women to have an affair.

1. First Vengeance

Psychologist in Los Angeles, Seth Meyers, Psy.D. said the woman could commit fraud because they want revenge. According to women, men do not have an emotional impact if they are not the same. And revenge is a way to even the score and restore relationships.

2. Stress relievers

Infidelity is a way to relieve stress, create a new sensation and self-treatment of pain. But most telling women the husband of the complaint. When it comes to no response.

3. Restoring a sense of connectedness

In the long-term relationships may be different feelings for the first time. And some people think they deceive the levels of chemicals in the body can return to the already passionate love.

4. Impingement

A married woman may be having an affair, because they feel stressed and need an outlet. Find new people is a way to escape the burden of the house.

5. The sex is boring

One study reported that couples who have been long together often complain of sex boring or outdated. Women also feel cheated spouses are aware that there is no more spontaneity in their relationship. Adultery is the way out to satisfy their desires.

6. Preparation

If a woman feels that her partner and she has more in common than do something together for it to be dragged her feelings with someone who can share the same interests. But an emotional affair can quickly progress to the next level in matters sexual. The fact is, the way a woman to fill the void.

7. Turn on the past

Submit a case as a new relationship. There is a great feeling to play. Back to the wife of his youth, made him feel alive again. She was more sexy, cheerful and attractive.

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