Do You Believe Marriage Can Survive Lying?

October 15, 2009 by barbara kasey smith  
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Can a person live with their mates lying habits?

When two people are unconditionally in love, it’s my opinion, they can survive in the marriage if one or the other is caught in a lie. After all, most people have lied at some point in their lives, and they can forgive a simple lie once in a while in their relationship. You might say, “You speak from both sides of your mouth,” but what I’m saying is a “simple” lie to protect someone, etc., is something we all have done in our lives. If the lie is major, it may cause a spouse to doubt what their spouse is telling them and their mate may take it upon themselves to find out what they’ve told their friends, etc., about the matter. When a couple lies in their marriage, it can cause their mate to not trust them and to wonder what else they have told them is a lie.

Personally, I do not like lying and it can cause much stress and anxiety in any marriage. If lying becomes a natural part of a marriage, it’s time to take drastic actions and sit down with a spouse and allow them to know you will not put up with it in the marriage. Let them know if you cannot believe what they tell you, you cannot trust them either and it is causing serious strain in the marriage, and if this type lying continues, there will definitely be a divorce.

Children pick up on their parents lying habits:

It’s sad to see young children who have taken on a parents habit of lying because this continues on into their adult life. When a parent realizes their child is taking on their lying habits, their lies are noticeable to not only family members but to their friends and their neighbors.

When two people are joined in holy matrimony, they should respect each other and be truthful and honest regardless of the consequences they face. When a spouse lives in constant disbelief of everything their mate is telling them, it mental anguish to the one who is being lied to. If a spouse lies, what else are they doing behind their mates back? If a spouse is not trusting of their mate, they’ll suspect them of dipping into their bank accounts and doing other under-handed things of dishonesty to them.

Marriage should stand for love, truth, honesty, faithfulness, respect, reliability, etc., and this should be the way it should stand for life. A liar in a marriage can cause serious consequences in a marriage, and when a person becomes a liar, they’ll rarely ever tell the truth. A couple should analyze their mates before they marry them and if they find they lie a lot…walk away, because if they do it before marriage, they’ll certainly do it after marriage.  

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