Do You Accept Abundant Time for a Acceptable Marriage?

November 10, 2013 by Princes De BelieberBieber  
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Do You Accept Abundant Time For A Acceptable Marriage?

Let me ask you…do you apperceive how abounding hours a day you SHOULD be spending on your marriage?

A happy, advantageous alliance requires that time is spent WITH ceremony other, ON ceremony added and FOR ceremony other. Unfortunately, a lot of couples overlook this and focus on added things they accede (at the time) to be a “priority”.

So just what are some of the demands are affiliated couples faced with?

o Planning and accessory the children’s events

o Fussing over wedding, shower, christening, altogether and ceremony ability for admired ones

o Taking affliction of pets and circadian domiciliary chores

o Maintaining the home and vehicles

o Accessory and advancing for abbey accompanying contest and gatherings

o Spending time with continued ancestors and friends

Add to this the actuality that some couples are faced with austere “road blocks” that put a abundant accord of burden on their alliance such as:

o Ambidextrous with a austere affliction in the family

o Elderly ancestor affective into the house

o An affair

o A austere accident

o Banking struggles such as defalcation or maxed out acclaim cards

o Loss of a adolescent or admired one

o And the account goes on…

In adjustment to put ceremony spouse’s time into perspective, let’s yield a attending at what they do during a archetypal 168 hour week:

Activity Time Spent Time complete in the week

Sleep: 8 hrs/day | 56 hrs/week – *112 hr remaining

Job/Travel: 9 hrs/day | 45 hrs/week – *67 hrs remaining

Eating & Prep: 2 hrs/day | 14 hrs/week – *53 hr remaining

Kids issues & events: 3 hrs/day | 21 hrs/week – *32 hr remaining

Household maintenance: 1 hrs/day | 7 hrs/week – *25 hr remaining

Phone conversations: 1.5 hrs/day | 10.5 hrs/week – *14.5 hr remaining

Friends/Social life: 1.5 hrs/day | 10.5 hrs/ anniversary – *4 hr remaining

And area do those endure 4 hours go?

According to the A.C. Nielsen Co., the boilerplate American watches added than four hours of TV ceremony day (28 hours per anniversary / two months of ceaseless TV-watching per year). Let’s not focus on the abstraction that in a 65-year lifetime, a getting will accept spent nine years in foreground of a TV!

But let’s not accept that you are the boilerplate TV watcher. In fact, if you’re account this article, you’re apparently not watching anywhere NEAR that abundant TV. Instead, ask yourself: Do you accept abundant time for a acceptable marriage?

To acknowledgment this question, we’ll charge to ascertain what a “good marriage” REALLY is, and again we’ll ascertain the complete bulk of time a “good marriage” requires in agreement of hours per week. I accept formed for abounding years now teaching affiliated couples what they WISH they had abstruse BEFORE they got married.

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