Divorcee is Never an Option

July 14, 2013 by mark10  
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Tips to save one’s marriage!


Marriage is by far the biggest challenge in life!

It can be pretty hard on both, the male and female –It’s never easy living with a person under the same roof, sharing the same conditions, raising children, daily work pattern, managing financial issues, even health and home management.

Hence, majority pray for a solid relationship in their marriage and last thing that anyone would want is ‘Divorcee’ – Check out these 25 basic steps that may come in handy in saving that beautiful heart to heart tied knot, forever….. 

 15 Healthy Tips to keep your Marriage ALIVE!

1. Remembering the moment that brought you closer in the path to walking that aisle in church!

2. Making it mandatory to repeat the word I LOVE YOU every single day to each other without fail!

3. Taking down a written or recorded commitment that divorce is never an option!

4. Regular Hugging and Kissing on daily basis, once a week outing/dinner to keep that celestial fire burning!

5. Make love a bond and not bondage of love!

6. Become partners in every single activity, avoid anyone coming in between your relationship including  friends, in-laws etc

7. Bring in between transparency and clarity to play a big role, set goals, know your strength, what can be done and what can’t be done as partners!

8. Place children in first slot of priority, marriage in second place, extended family and everything else in that order!

9. Refrain from taking anger to bed, avoid tit for tat situations, do thing in unbiased manner, put aside your ego and pride for the one who wins the argument is usually the big time loser!

10. Allow space for surprises on regular basis, live healthy lifestyles, avoid hiding bank account from each other

11. At all times avoid lies, hard facts are much better that a raw lies, avoid past relationships to come into the picture, spend tons of good quality time with each other!

 12. Make it a habit to read the holy book in each other’s company if religious!

13. Year in –Year out do a recap on your wedding vows, make sacrifices as and where required, compromise always, give way for guidance, hear each other out as often as possible, say what you mean and vice versa, make it a point to attend counseling sessions as a way to strengthening your bonds!

14. Always finds ways to attain peace rather than being right, avoid sarcasm, make forgiveness an important tool, fight tooth and nail for your marriage, back up each other goals and dreams, take each other into confidence on big decisions!

15. Avoid embarrassing each other in public, refrain from verbal/physical abuse, never cheat inside of your marriage, scrape trying to justify any wrong doing, build trust and faith in your togetherness, leave no room for insecurity, read tons of books on marriages that go the distance, keep intact your love life simply between the two you!

Make it a practice to create and work towards a vision and goal for your marriage!

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