Divorce in a Steady Decline in America: Thanks to The Recession

September 23, 2011 by gaby7  
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This certainly is the most surprising side of the Recession.

A study conducted in America recently has concluded that the divorce rate  declined by close to 20% in 2009 compared to 2008 and the reason being given for this decline is the hard economic times brought about by the recession. It seems to me that the recession has amazingly fixed marriages by galvanizing the survival resources of couples instead of tearing them asunder.

Many  couples have found it prudent to stick together because it gives them the capacity to cushion the effects of the economic hard times at the family and  personal levels. Take the case of housing-divorce would mean parting ways which involves looking for a new home for the spouse trying to move away from the marriage. We all know that trying to set up a new home would be far too costly for the concerned parties so much that even if there were any compelling grounds for divorce, sticking together would be wiser.

According to the study, even those who had filed for divorce but had not completely left their marital home were discovered to be living together in the same house but confined to their own quarters of the house, eating and sleeping separately but under same roof and the reason is purely  the economic hard times ushered in by the recession.

It is sheer common knowledge that couples tend to be more inclined to file for a divorce when they see economic values in the divorce. That explains why  wives/hubbies  of very wealthy individuals are often over zealous about filing for divorce cases in court than those who don’t anticipate anything in return for their actions. This point needs no emphasis because we have seen it among celebrities every where.They quickly file for their divorce well knowing there is alot to gain at the end of it all.

We therefore,  need to give thanks to the recession for moderating our abuse upon the Institution of marriage. Perhaps God sends recessions to teach mankind some morality?

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3 Responses to “Divorce in a Steady Decline in America: Thanks to The Recession”
  1. CHIPMUNK Says:

    sounds good

  2. jennifer eiffel01 Says:

    Good job

  3. Rosettaartist1 Says:

    I think it is more believable to assume that divorce is on a decline there because more are living together without getting married in the first place. Statistics are therefore misleading as “split ups” of “cohabitees” never appear in statistics.

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