Divorce From Katy Perry and Russell Brands Got Jilted by SMS

June 19, 2013 by hayakhan  
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Often it is the half-life ordered not too good of celebrity marriages: They fall in love quickly, marry, nor faster, and usually follows the divorce only briefly. So also in the case of Katy Perry and Russell Brand. What about the singer but now unpacks her ex-husband, so probably also for the rich and famous have rarity value.

U.S. singer Katy Perry (28) is from British comedian Russell Brand (38) divorced for almost a year. As Perry now revealed in an interview with the U.S. fashion magazine “Vogue,” she was informed in December 2011 by fire via SMS about the end of their marriage.

Fire had opened her via text message, that he would get a divorce. Since then they have not heard of him, said Perry. After only 14 months of marriage, the couple announced their separation back then known. In July 2012, the divorce became official.

Perry admitted that she was very much on tour during the brief marriage. But they have sought, as often as possible to see her husband. “He is a very smart man, and I was in love with him when we got married,” said the musician success (”I Kissed a Girl”). He had problems, to be with a strong woman believes the singer. In addition, there were other reasons for the separation, but they did not want to reveal.

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