Destroy All Marriages- The Demonic Creed

January 11, 2012 by Rosh Hashanah  
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A revelation of how the devil is bent on destroying marriages. Likewise a testimony of God’s faithfulness by showing in dreams what is going on in the spiritual realm behind the destruction of marriage.

One Sunday in April 2010, the elders of our Church told me that there was something I needed to know, since they still considered me as part of the leadership though I have not been personally involved anymore because of the distance of the Church from our house. They set the appointment on a Wednesday that same week. Though I had no idea what the problem was all about, I had the feeling that it was something very important, something about the leadership or something about someone in the leadership, and something about relationship.

That night I prayed and asked the Lord to reveal to me anything about the issue. Then I had this very alarming dream. In the dream we (the married couples of the Church) were having a picnic in a resort. The wives including me, were in the cottage while the husbands were having fun swimming/playing in the river. While they were enjoying the water, a group of people in white robes came toward the river in an organized manner. They were chanting while swinging their hands with something like an incense. When they got to the riverbank, I heard very clearly these words: “DESTROY ALL MARRIAGES”. It seemed that I was the only one who heard them because when I started praying, rebuking them aloud, cancelling the words they were speaking, the ladies with me were asking what I was doing and what was happening.

The group intended to cross to the other side of the river while chanting and saying their curses. As I was praying and rebuking, these people got confused, their alignment was also confused. Some of them turned around while others went sideways. The one ahead got to the bank but he seemed to have stumbled. Then I woke up.

I did my usual routine that Monday morning when suddenly I remembered my appointment with the elders in the Church. As I thought of the dream, I suspected that what I would hear from them is something similar- somebody in the leadership could be struggling with relationship or with marriage. I called one of the elders and insisted that I could not wait for Wednesday to hear what they had to say. So we met. True enough, a marriage was being destroyed. Sadly, the ones involved were the Pastor and the Church worker.

The dream really got to my nerves as my own marriage has been on the brink early on. But that dream keeps my mind and emotion away from blaming my husband as the culprit, though he is not totally without fault. I also take responsibility for my own failures as I plead with the Lord to help us cope and get through it. The process is far from easy. On October 2010 I prayed to the Lord to give me a sign of any progress in our situation. God answered me through a dream with this: “PREPARE FOR WAR”.

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  1. Melody SJAL Says:

    A very enlightening piece. God bless.

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