Dark Side of Messi, Fabregas Damaging (Worth Reported?)

January 25, 2013 by Budiono  
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Dark Side of Messi, Fabregas Damaging (Worth Reported?)

Gerrard Pique and Shakira

Lionel Messi, Cesc Fabregas and some great players from the football environment is not uncommon to get a portion of the exclusive coverage in main stream media. Most are inspiring and interesting news awaited by the fans of each. But there is some news that blatantly exposes the international media, especially the media gossip, not worth participate reported in national media. Although the news is packed with polite and charming, but the content certainly bad news for the future of Eastern culture is still strong in Indonesia.

The reason, as local media often talkative, likes to copy and paste news without a wise decision, the people of Indonesia was often too talkative. True, the media image talkative led his audience in the same talkative. We still remember how vulgar violent fighting arena “. Smack down ” raw emulated many small children to teens in this country.

Thus, some of the character’s personal life would be better not reported in the local media. One is when the media exposes the news about the birth of Lionel Messi, some time ago. Then yesterday, they are happy to preach (through program sports and international news) about the birth Gerrard Pique and Shakira. Even the media is also expecting a baby Cesc Fabregas

Something is wrong with the news? Perhaps of news value, NOT wrong! Probably from the code of ethics also are! Perhaps for the sake of others, including news attract advertising, also are WRONG! Since the function of the media is to “preach the word, preach the word”. But, considering we had a problem on a bad habit mimic, talkative and likes the bandwagon, especially when it comes to idols, both lifestyle and appearance, then this is where lies the bad side of the news value. Like the case of ‘ Smack Down‘, we are faced with worries ” What if our younger generation to follow Messi, Gerrard Pique, and Cesc Fabregas and many other idols before it is ‘managed’ to bear children outside of marriage ? “.

It has been many such cases in Indonesia, and it was not one of the Idol that. How ever, the sanctity of a marriage would be too degraded, since ” if the idol so, then we can be? ” If indeed they have a baby, just reported, without citing boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiance “meaning they are” not yet married ” but already married. Indirectly it looks like the promotion of marital sex or worse ‘free sex’. Once again, not one of the Messi or Cesc Fabregas would be, if the pregnancy outside of marriage or marital sex is growing rapidly in this country. But, what if the news media to help reduce the life of public figures who do not fit Eastern cultures?

Especially if the dark side / negative potential followed by the original fans? Then, how can we hope in the Hall every media editor? or perhaps draws news stories should be communicated? There is a moral responsibility of media in cultural continuity decency / modesty moral nation, including young people and that includes not preach illegitimate relationship results in idol people (one of them). But while we are pregnant and give birth outside /before marriage is still considered to disgrace the state.

Hopefully behavior impregnate young people not being so low respect for the sacredness of marriage, and it’s not because it mimics universal idol …

Greetings from ‘Milan Pique‘ ..

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