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August 28, 2012 by Donnah Clark  
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Current marital trends in the United States.

Evidence of gradual changes in the way family life is organized show correlations between increased sense of individualism, and less focus on notions of marriage as permanent.  With around 50% of all marriages projected to end in divorce, according to Americans for Divorce Reform. 

Further, the age of first marriage plays a crucial factor in these statistics, with the age group recording highest divorce rates at 20-24 years old for both males (38.8%), and females (36.6%).

Subsequent marriages have higher divorce rates than first marriages, a possible consequence of familiarity with the legal system and knowledge that divorce is not as shameful as it once was.  Jennifer Baker, at the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, confirms 60%-67% of second marriages, and 70%-73% of third marriages end in divorce.

Of all couples who divorce a staggering 40% involve children, leading to huge numbers of lone-parent families. 

Is divorce becoming easier?  Should it be easy?

We might conclude that in cases of abuse, yes indeed, divorce ought to be a simple process.  However, given the age-range of the majority of marriage dissolutions, we may consider promoting better education in the community or relationship counseling prior to the marriage ceremony a decent prevention.  Brainstorming possible solutions is a great place to start!

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6 Responses to “Current Us Divorce Statistics”
  1. jennifer eiffel01 Says:

    In the Catholic church my sister had to go on a weekend retreat to see if she could get along with her future husband.It is not one of those optional things, to get married in the Church you have to go plus take marriage counseling classes for a number of weeks I don’t remember.

  2. manish007 Says:

    Thanks for sharing

  3. girishpuri Says:

    nice share

  4. gaby7 Says:

    This is definitely worrying! The institution of Marriage has lost its eminence in societies and most cultures over the years. In America though, I learnt that everytime there is recession, marriages tend to last, even if it may not be necessarily a happy one!

  5. septana Says:

    very nice may be useful for all

  6. Donnah Clark Says:

    Pattti: I like the idea of checking for compatibility before the ceremony, passions fade and the real challenge is whether a couple can actually get along.

    Gaby7: That is interesting – so there are some benefits to poverty – it pulls people together.

    Thanks for your support!

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