Cordell and Porsha Stewart of Rhoa Divorcing!

March 27, 2013 by Jswana  
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I feel bad for Porsha if this is true……

This is not the biggest news but about 10 hours ago, the News broke that Cordell Stewart, husband of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Franchise star Porsha Stewart. are headed for Divorce Court.  Porsha got on my nerves bragging about her “People say I have a picture life and I do” and saying that Cordell dresses her “I’m his Barbie Doll”.  Chile, please!  Still I’m sad for her because I kind of liked her too.

The Reality of this Reality Show is that marriages are held up under the light of Ratings and Money and this can cause a breakdown, obviously.  I don’t know, I always had a sneaky suspicion that Cordell had a little contempt for his wife.  Ugh, does he have a lot of nerve or what?  Well, the truth is that Cordell has a lot of money and is still ripe for plucking and there are a lot of jealous hearted ladies out here who may want him.  Not that there are rumors of an Extra-marital affair or anything, but moreso their debate on when and how they are to have a child and the other Housewives questioning Cordell’s control of Porsha.  Porsha has vehemently defended her husband, for all that was said and done.

Word is that Cordell doesn’t want to give her Spousal Support either because she can “make her own living as she is doing now”.  Wow, talk about cold.  Porsha, this is not “picture perfect” anything. 

The truth is that I think that  Porsha is an okay girl, attractive and more importantly, I believe she loves her husband.  But the need for a child and how to go about how this child will fit into their marriage seems like not such a good reason for something as crucial as Divorce.  My guess is that Cordell was probably initially smitten by this lady who calls people “old” when they are 42 and she is 31 and boasts of her having a husband while others are not married like she snips at Kenya Moore.   None of these ladies are my favorites but it seemed that Porsha just catered too much to this man.  They say he’s worth about $16 Million, which is something the majority of us will not see, but let’s be real, people make just a little too much of other people’s successes and Cordell was highly praised by his wife for being a Wealthy ex-NFL player.   I did not care for him and just felt that he had a wandering eye and and sometimes he just seemed to double talk in his opinions and close the conversation off to his wife like she was a child. 

It just goes to show you that women should never consider themselves indispensable, especially in the light of these shows and all the the Pomp.  She’ll get another man, perhaps not as wealthy but that should be no woman’s aim.  Be proud of a man that can be a blessing to you and really likes you, but don’t highlight who he is or what he was.  There are handsomer, richer guys who fly way under the radar.  Sorry Porsha, maybe this isn’t so!

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