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July 25, 2013 by tryone  
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The Man of A Few Words.

Once, again a political crisis have exposed Anthony Weiner habit for writing undercover messages on websites or least in this case sex-ting to females. Who must be just as curious then Anthony Weiner? And while his spouse stood next in that marital defense of him. Instantly, we saw so called “marital” experts offering their assessment on what the wife should do concerning the “weakness” of her man?

We saw so call relationship experts stating this or that about the public mess. What we never ever see is the opinions of marriage counselors offering their opinion? Back seat drivers always come forward speaking about others relationships.

We can visit multiples churches of various religious faith and find many wives, as husbands that stuck through the storm of a spouse lust for sexual thrills that they only comprehend and understand. Will Anthony Weiner ever be cured in the case of his personal interest? Maybe, and maybe not.

New York voters need to adjust and decide, what candidate they want running for offices. The major press of their news organization might have secrets that only gets exposed when whistle blowers comes forward with the news.

Politicians like many of us in society are adventuresome people. And many spouses takes the bad with the good when they say those “I do” that connect them forever. We know of high level executives. journalist that have had infamous affairs and get treated with less attention than Anthony Weiner.

To err is human. To forgive is divine according to some in the world. Just because he’s famous doesn’t mean his spouse should leave. But it should be her/his choice and not the people or the press. Who still rely upon these “mysterious sources” that can state anything without being questioned of the facts.

Anthony Weiner, NYC, May 2011 (Pre-”Weinergate”) (Photo credit: Tony Fischer Photography)

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