Chris Jenner and Bruce Jenner in Separate Apartments

June 8, 2013 by jfay1995  
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Chris Jenner and Bruce Jenner in separate apartments. What is new here? Nothing. And if so, so what?


Chris Jenner and Bruce Jenner in separate apartments

Hey, what’s new here?  Nothing.  The Kardashians are the craziest, most insane family there could be out there.  They are always in the tabloids for something or other.

And it’s no secret that Chris and Bruce have a tumultuous life.  There’s been affairs perhaps on both sides, and all kinds of disagreements.  There’s fights with all the sisters and so many things that make a lot of us not want to watch the show or the shows.

And there’s the battle over should one where fur or not?  And getting plastered with flour.  Good lord.

And quite frankly if Chris Jenner and Bruce have different apartments, so what.  So many celebrities have different apartments nowadays and who cares.

There’s too many celebrities looking for and wanting divorce and most of the marriages end up winding their way to separation or divorce.  Look at Blake Shelton as well as now according to  a People magazine I saw in the grocery store, his marriage is on the rocks as well.

Maybe it’s good for all of these celebrities to have their own space.  For when they decide to maybe call it quits, they have a place of their own to go to until they are ready to converse with the other half again.

Maybe try to work things out as marriage is supposed to be a foundation of love and devotion and the vows that some couples take really seriously.

But, let’s face it, half the world doesn’t seem to take marriage seriously anymore.  When years ago, if a woman or a man wanted to call it quits, the parents told them to walk on back and lie in the bed they made.  Divorce or separation was a hidden thing back in the old days and if it happened to someone in that time, it was definitely frowned upon.

Whereas, nowadays should a woman choose to get divorced or separated or vice versa, everyone would either say, “It’s about time, or that’s great!”  And today it’s a happy occasion when you are finally free of the one who may have caused lots of grief.

People also give up on the marriage too soon as well now.  They feel just because some things aren’t working out their way, it’s time to throw in the towel and call it over.  It’s too bad that more people couldn’t work things out. 

Sometimes it is what’s best for the children and that’s why lots of families stay together over getting a separation.  But sometimes it’s for the best to be apart.  

Anyway, people should have separate places sometimes and if that is what Chris and Bruce Jenner decide, hey, it’s their choice.  I just think they should try a little bit to make their lives a little more private.  We don’t need to know everything.

I don’t watch any of their reality shows, but I don’t think I would want to anyway.  They are broadcasted enough that you don’t even need their reality shows to know all that goes on.


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