Chinese Couples Married Abuzz

September 28, 2013 by dil4me  
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Chinese couples married abuzz.

Buku nikah di Cina

Many Chinese couples flooded the registry office to register their marriage was on the so-called ” love you forever . “

The conviction was obtained from speech in the language Mandirin for January 4th of 2013 that sounds like the words ” I ‘ll love you for my life . “

Thousands of couples went to the civil registry offices to marry.

Most of them did not even get served civil registry officials have long queue though .

Xinhua news agency provided a series of photographs of the couple who want to register their marriage , among others, in Heping , Shenyang , Liaoning Province .

Looks long lines in the waiting room while some couples take a picture with a cell phone after registration of a marriage .

At the Civil Registry Office Xicheng , a married couple posing while showing their marriage certificate .

In the other photo looks a young couple posing together in the waiting room of the Registry Changchun , Jilin Province .

Marriage abuzz in China also occurred on the 12th of last month 12 in 2012 .

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