Children’s beach themed parties in the garden

October 31, 2013 by Joseph Barrett  
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While the weather in the UK might not always lend itself to beach parties, it’s still possible to put one together for your children in your garden; this means making use of Hawaiian and more general beach themes, while also being creative with your decorations, food, and games.

At the same time, you can invest in DNA Kids Parties that provide professionally organised beach themes and activities that can suit different ages and party sizes.

In terms of putting together a beach theme, you can encourage children to come wearing beachwear, as well as some warmer clothes if the weather turns a bit cold – alternatively, you can encourage them to bring something beach themed, which might include a Hawaiian shirt or printed dress, as well as sunglasses and beach hats. While it’s probably not the best idea to mix a paddling pool or water with food, you can still create a great atmosphere with beach balls and inflatable palm trees, as well as with deck chairs and other beach themed items.

For food, you can work with simple themed ideas such as pineapple and punch drink, as well as with cooked fish bites; alternatively, you can cater a party with star fished shaped biscuits, as well as a cake featuring a sandy beach and waves. It’s also possible to put together a barbecue on a warmer day, while ice cream can be served at any time of the year. If you’re in an ambitious mood, you might want to convert your shed into a mini beach hut.

If you’re working with a themed party entertainer, you can choose from a range of different beach party games; this can include everything from discos and music games through to volleyball and treasure hunts for younger children. It can also be possible to run games and scavenger hunts using water pistols, as well as pirate themed games, which can work well with younger children.

At the same time, a beach theme shouldn’t stop you from playing traditional party favourites such as Pass the Parcel and Simon Says, which might be modified to feature fish and chip shop wrappers for the former if you want to recreate a British beach. Musical beach towels can also be tried as a complement to musical statues, while fancy dress competitions and coconut bowling can also be tried.

Depending on the amount of space you have in your garden, you might be limited in terms of how many games you can play, and how many children and adults you can reasonably fit into an area. It’s also important to check with your neighbours to see whether they’re okay with a party running in your back garden; you can make things easier by making sure that the main section of a party is wrapped up before it gets dark. For party bags, consider adding decorated shells and mini beach or bath toys.

Author Bio: Laura Kilpatrick loves putting themed parties together. She recommends looking into DNA Kids Parties if you want some beach themed games for your party. She also blogs about how to cook with young children.

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