Cheating, Not Always Due to Third Persons

April 21, 2012 by kokoroberts  
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Cheating, you could say a word “sacred” in relationships and is often associated with the presence of a third person. Excerpted from Your Tango, infidelity is not always done physically. When someone starts to put a heart on a woman or a man other than her boyfriend, also can be called cheating, although still in a stage that can be tolerated.

According to psychologist Michael J. Formica, there are four types of infidelity commonly experienced lovers. And, not all related to a third person or a lover who move to another heart. What are they?

1. Having an affair for a Object (Object Affair)
When one starts to ignore or avoid his girlfriend for being too focused with a thing like a job, playing video games and late in the hobby, it can be called object affair. That is, he is willing, if he is busy doing the resulting loss in the affair. He did not feel guilty about taking time that should be reserved for romantic couples as it is. Consider ways of addressing addiction lover who play the game, here.

2. Physical cheating (Sexual Affair)
As the name implies, physical affair conducted on the basis of physical attraction alone, rather than emotional closeness. Physical cheating usually occurs because of sexual lust and infidelity relationships often do not last long, even in just a matter of days.

3. Love affair (Emotional Affair)
Affair that is based on emotional or feeling, do not involve physical contact, but rather the sentimental stuff. If you often spend time chatting on IM, Blackberry Messenger, or IM with a man who was not beloved, vent personal issues with other men or clandestinely to SMS and phone calls to unknown lover, then it could be called cheating heart. While not overtly done, cheating hearts can be harmful to an affair and not good for one’s psychological condition. These signs are if you’ve cheated the liver.

4. Physical & Love affair
This is a traditional type of infidelity and the general public. There is a sense of physical contact and play here. That means, one has two love life, having two lovers at the same time and split time on both counts. Many factors cause a person having an affair, consider some of the following reasons.

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