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August 24, 2013 by Jswana  
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I’m scared to even go near that site…………

This article has to be mostly from memory, no references required or very little.  Why?  I am stunned that once again, someone gets in too deep on the Internet PERHAPS and nasty rumors fly. 

A nice-looking Couple are suing this site called Cheaterville.Com that has the Husband on this site, soliciting for a Gay Male relationship.  Looks like the Couple are already groomed and ready to pounce and become Media Celebrities but I hope for right reasons for the right outcome.   If their allegations are true, they deserve justice.  The wife had a really lofty personality, saying something the effect that “we share a good, Honorable, quiet marriage since 2009 before our friends…..”    You know that kind of thing while her husband, who is attractive enough as she is, looked on and agreed.

It is believed that someone copied his image from Facebook (a third Party entity) and re-posted him as himself or whatever, being Gay and on the prowl.   Now, bear in mind this can happen because I truly believe a cut and pasted “man” was trying to befriend me on Facebook.  It can happen and I honestly don’t know what I did to have him send me a private and suggestive note first.

When it comes to the Internet and Marriage however, I think if I was re-married,  the Internet just wouldn’t be so much the activity for me, unless I’m doing what I’m doing now: Writing.  There are too many weird stories on the Internet and different Sites coming between married couples but then again, a lot of couples meet and have successful Marriages from Internet meetings.  But using it  as a Social Outlet, I’m not so sure but that’s only me for now.

It’s going to be hard for this couple to Sue for the Defamation as they have had friendships and business relations harmed because of this.  Cheaterville is said to hold no fault in something that other’s post. The man is listed as Married, Gay and looking for…….

They have been given the address of where this Posting came from  and thus far have not been able to find any connection.  Do we realize that there are so many ways to create false Statuses and Profiles? People do it all the time.  They can do it from almost  any public place, such as Internet Cafes, Cultural Centers and probably from home.  These Computers are not thinking but people are.  Hope the couple gets Justice if this indeed is a lie.  Peace.

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