Can a Marriage Survive Without Love?

January 16, 2013 by Jswana  
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That’s a good question and after giving it some thought……

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I think that a marriage can survive without the benefit of love.  The question would be however, what would be the quality of the marriage. People, particularly women reach a certain age and their friends are getting married, therefore it seems in line that your Beau’s request to marry you may be  the natural order of things.  Likewise a guy sees his friends marrying and is inspired to ask for a lady’s hand.

If we have lived a relatively normal life, we’ve seen this happen or have had it happen to us.  What should you do if you don’t feel head over heels in love?  Someone very close to me told me that her marriage that surpassed 50 years and was truly “Til death do us part” in many respects, only ended because of his death.  Therefore, it’s obvious that it is what people decide that they want out of life and in love.  If he felt comfortable to her and she cared enough to grow to eventually love him, it was to both of their advantage.  She said that her love grew.

There are many reasons why people decide that they are good for each other even if there isn’t that element of infatuation, excitement and desire.  It would be nice if some of those elements existed though and for those people who may turn down a proposal or refuse to present a proposal may see that these elements are needed.  Love should always be a part of Marriage if anyone asks me.  Sometimes we know this love on the spot and sometimes it does grow like the wise lady told me.  Still, it has to be there somewhere.

Folks play around, cheat, lie and do all kinds of misdeeds during a marriage when it is more for a convenience than a true love.  To buckle under societies pressure to get married because all of your friends are doing the same seems normal on the outside but what are the two people really feeling on the inside.  It is not a good feeling to go to an Altar and lie.

Yes, those types of marriages can survive but the survival will be less than sublime and more than likely will end with begrudging respect or tolerance with the ultimate birth of children compounding it.  Spring is coming and there will be some weddings taking place with your friends and if you’re in the crowd where each month and sometimes twice a month someone is tying the knot and worse, they are your friends, please keep a level head and wait it out.  You’ll be blessed if you marry for the right reasons!

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11 Responses to “Can a Marriage Survive Without Love?”
  1. jennifer eiffel dombrowski Says:

    i think the main part in a marriage is that they both respect eaxh other and are friends. You can always love a friend!

  2. gaby7 Says:

    There is a lot of Drama about marriage these day Jswana! Love is good factor but that is no longer the pillar of modern marriage, other factors come handy into play! Great share on an interesting topic! Happy New year!

  3. gaby7 Says:

    There is a lot of Drama about marriage these days Jswana! Love is a good factor for any marriage no doubt, but that is no longer the pillar of modern marriage, other factors come handy into play! Great share on an interesting topic! Happy New year!

  4. girishpuri Says:

    A very insightful and thought provoking post

  5. JASON EAVES Says:

    All I can say is that love in a marriage can keep two together longer than without it.

  6. shefaliarora Says:

    Love is the base of every relationship.

  7. Lynn Hollis Says:

    Great article. One should never be compelled to marry just because of pressure from family, friends or society. I have heard of people finding love at at different stages of life, some at a very young age and others when they are much older.

  8. caesar27 Says:

    Excelent work. Thank you for share.

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  9. realityspeaks Says:

    I guess love is constant, its just that we express it differently in good times and bad.

  10. andyrobert877 Says:

    Love is must for success married life.

  11. afaceristonline Says:

    very interesting post .thanks for share

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