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October 24, 2013 by Mama B  
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A piece of the real life biography of a young woman, who has endured much adversity in her life. But yet has triumphed many times over. She is a successful single mom and she encourages others in an effort to gain the same successes in life as she has had.

Born Theresa Maureen Bell on October 28th, 1970, she married young and engaged in a 20 year marriage that was destroyed after her husband became addicted to narcotics and the marriage ended in divorce in 2007. She raised three children basically on her own; Matthew, who is 19 years of age, Marcus, who is 13 years of age, and Brianna, who is soon to be 9 years of age. Two of her children were challenged mentally with learning disabilities behind the effects of the narcotics. With all that she had on her plate to deal with, Ms. Bell was determined to provide a better lifestyle for her children.

Prior to her marriage and the events that led to her desiring to marry at such a young age was the fact she had been sexually molested from the age of 2 to the age of 16 years of age. Because of that abuse she endured self-esteem issues most of her life and sought out to find love wherever she could find it. Although, Ms. Bell is not one to brag or boast about herself, she has a long list of achievements that could never be entirely displayed on these pages. She believes that the best way to get to know a mother is to look at her children. She believes children are the representation of everything that a mother stands for.

Beginning with Matthew, who is an aspiring lyric writer, desires to be a music producer. He is an entrepreneur who takes care of himself and pays his own bills. While completing school, he is also employed part-time. He is known to be a gentleman and his heart is close to his family. He is a young man who cares about his image. To understand the truth of all that he has accomplished, one would have to know the truth about all that he has been through to achieve all that he is today. In summary, all that he has achieved had to be achieved without his father in his life and he did not have a mentor by his side.

Marcus is a brilliant child. He is extremely smart and has a big heart. He loves to help his mother in any way. He reads books at a level that is far advanced for his years. He understands and can teach stories in the bible in an effort to educate his peers. He is also an entrepreneur who is not afraid of hard work to help provide for his family. Summarizing his accomplishments would be to say that he met his father at the age of 17 months in an airport and five years after that he was too without a father or a mentor in his life.

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