Biggest Misconceptions About Marriage

June 27, 2013 by VaNiya  
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Explains myths about marriage and provides solution to healthier marriage.

Like Cinderella, most of us would like to meet our prince charming and live happily ever after. And we can. However, everyday will not be filled with smiles, singing, dancing or being hopelessly in love. Marriage is work. Most of of us enter into a marriage with expectations and a lot of what we expect is what leads to disappointment when we don’t receive it.

Misconception #1: Most people believe that their spouse complete them. In other words, “two halves equal a whole.” This is very far from the truth. Two wholes complete the marriage. Each person must come into the marriage fully prepared and comfortable with their own selves and not looking for someone else to pick up the slack. Two whole units makes one strong unit.

Misconception #2: Many believe that marriage equal happiness. A happy marriage start with those who are already happy with themselves before they become married.

Misconception #3: The biggest part of the marriage ceremony are the vows. Most think that the vows are the bonding glue of the marriage. Many think that it is the words that we say that unite us in marriage. Legally, yes. We say the words in the presence of a plethora of witnesses for everyone eye candy. However, what the witnesses cannot see is what is in our hearts. More importantly, it is the things that we feel for each other that marries us, more than the words that we repeat. It is our belief in these words. Do we really mean them when we say them. If we do not believe these words in our hearts, the marriage is in vain.

Misconception #4: Again, like the fairy-tales many believe that a good marriage is filled with many romantic gestures. Romantic gestures does help in a marriage. However, they do not define whether the marriage is a good or bad one. Seizing the moments of each day makes a marriage good. Enjoying the pleasure of one another each day makes the marriage a good one and believing in one another and the bond of marriage.

Misconception #5: A lot of us like to believe that our spouses can read our minds and know our wants and needs. This is not true. Communication is the key to letting our spouses know our wants and needs. We have to be verbal with one another to accomplish obtaining the things that are important to us.

Misconception #6: Now that you’ve earned your spouse and got your championship rings, you can relax. No, not true. Many believe that  one can become more comfortable with our spouses and reveal our true colors. The flowers, flawless appearances, showing thoughtfulness discontinue. Be comfortable with your spouse, but not so comfortable that we forget to do the things that attracted them in the first place. Marriage is work. continue working to impress your spouse and improve areas that may need work.

Misconception #7: Mainly many believe that if the couple has love, everything else will fall into place. This is very far from the truth. Love is a major factor. However, it is not the only. Again, marriage is work and couples need to continue to strive to keep their marriage strong. It’s harder to love than it is to hate. Because this is true couples need to continuously work to keep their love alive

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