Be Patient for a Happiness

December 30, 2011 by anisnl  
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Do not take the wrong decision just because we have not had descendants. Because God is not blind and does not sleep.

It is most expected by the spouse after marriage is having children. Because in addition as a successor to the descendants, children are also complementary in domestic life.
But not all couples will immediately realize their wishes. There are several couples or even hundreds of couples in this world that have not been blessed by God’s offspring. This will be a trigger cracks in the household if both partners are only concerned with their own egos. There was even a divorce.This will not happen if the couple understand each other strengths and weaknesses of each other. But pray to God must also be willing to continue to strive without despair. if it has not been given shall mean the couple’s offspring have not been entrusted by God.
Rest assured that there are many lessons we can learn all the things in which we live. And rest assured that God would hear our prayers even though it will be granted one day.
For couples who have not got a descent, do not despair, keep going and pray. God is with you and I hope god bless you.

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