Balotelli Watching Nude Dancing

March 7, 2012 by bogamitra  
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London – Mario Balotelli is often dubbed "the ornery" to plead guilty after watching the dish caught dancing naked in a nightclub.

Mario Balotelli (ANTARAnews)

Manchester City’s 21-year-old later apologized to his girlfriend, as quoted from the pages of The Sun.

He said, “If any man she left a nightclub, I am …. If you love a woman, you should be able to resist.”

Then her girlfriend, an underwear model Raffaella Fico (23) stated he had no interest in dancing naked with a dish.

He said, “When you become a young age, you often act without first thinking whether it was true or not true. You find a lot of crazy things.”

“He can go to a nude club with his friends as far as it applies not mistaken. He always came back. He became a favorite,” he said.

Balotelli was fined 250,000 pounds in danger of seeing naked dance. Manchester City coach Roberto Mancini was concerned about the behavior Balotelli.

Mancini said that Balotelli had to curb his behavior to get married. Both Arsenal and Raffaella continue to knit the threads of intimacy.

Both do not have further plans to pave the way to the altar. He said, “For me, the issue of marriage do not need to hurry. When you’ve found the right partner, now it’s time. Raffaella emerge as gorgeous figure in my eyes. He gives peace, and he understands me when I feel upset.”

Raffaella said, “Mario is a man attractive. It is too early to talk about marriage. We are still too young.”

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