Advices for The First Few Days After The Wedding

July 13, 2013 by hayakhan  
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Although the days of being in love to a relaxed relationship life and the decision to marry are incredibly beautiful, so there is already the first time in this conflict that put the relationship to the test.

Address problems rather than defer

The Family Relationship of Affinity

There is no relationship and no marriage , without the problems gets along. Who wants to pass a long-term partnership in the form of marriage, therefore, should be aware that it is the craft of quarreling appeal, but also problems that can reconcile and accept, must learn and master. Conflicts in a marriage are often necessary to clearly understand the needs of the partner and to find a common way.

In a marriage, it is important that you do not wait too long with the response of problems. Once you are clear, and the problem is still recurring, select or create an appropriate moment with your partner and join in the conversation. A dispute may not always be the result of response to a problem. Learn that the response of problems belongs to the married life to it.

Preserve autonomy

What is Life?

Just as important as the response of conflicts is to keep track of that keep the conflict issues and difficult times with the beautiful and carefree times at least in the scale, if not occupy a much smaller proportion. No marriage can last long if there is mainly a light and relaxed difficult times.

Adjust the marriage and to not bend yourself to please your partner. Stay despite the proximity to your partner with you and live your life. Keep your individuality and not walk out with your partner or marriage connection to another human being. Feel back regularly as to your feelings is and what it is if you can build just about any feelings or your partner.

Proximity, distance and guilt

What is Family? A Question of Great Sociopolitical Relevance

Make sure that the phases of emotional distance does not escalate and that the responsible issues are resolved with time. Do not make your partner for all responsible , but sort who contributes to such problems and how to act yet all the external influences. Never lose track of and take care of yourself every day for the happiness of your marriage. Intervene if your partner has for too long bad mood and provide for the compensation, if too long too little tenderness between you are or sets a time in which you are talking mainly about the financial side. Keep your love in everyday life and show them to each other as often as possible.

Do not let problems get too big. You will always run into problems, so it’s no problem if you suffer silently. Much more sense to design a marriage from the beginning, when you start with a real encountering problems, to work out between you, a functioning and productive troubleshooting and resolution. A problem-and conflict-free marriage does not exist. Therefore, you just start and learn from each other, mature you and dive together in a happy married life and growth-capable

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