A Guys Perspective – Why You Shouldn’t Admit to Cheating

August 10, 2012 by NotSoSexintheCity  
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There are some things that you probably shouldn’t admit to if you can get away with it. Here we are going to discuss the guy’s perspective on why you shouldn’t really admit to your other half that you have cheated.

Would you ever commit a crime that you managed to get away with and then inform the police of your wrong doings? No, of course you wouldn’t – you already got away with it, why would you end up getting yourself into trouble for no reason? When you bear this in mind, it seems not to make sense to admit to a partner that you have cheated when you know full well that you are going to get away with it! Let’s be honest, admitting this is only going to cause heartache, pain and suffering to the both of you involved and if there is no need to put your relationship through the mill in this manner, why bother?

The fact of the matter is; this applies to both boys and girls, and although this is a male perspective on things, we are sure that there are ladies out there that have done and felt exactly the same.

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If you have already done the deed and felt bad about it but were sensible enough to make sure that your other half could never find out about your bad behaviour, you really have nothing to worry about. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her right? Just think about what would happen if you did tell her – she could break up with you and you don’t want that. She could make your life hell for a long time and you certainly don’t want that. OK, honesty is the best policy but is it really the best policy right now? You have already gotten away with it – that is the thing that you are telling yourself. It’s a battle of two evils in all fairness – on one hand, your guilty conscience is telling you that you have made a mistake and should come clean to ease your guilt, but on the other hand, there is that wee devil inside of you that is saying “Oh well! I’ve done it now!”

Not telling your other half about the bad behaviour that you displayed doesn’t mean that you can do it again and again. The fact that you did manage to get away with it doesn’t mean that you can do it again either. Just because you were not found out at this time, doesn’t mean that you are not going to get found out in the future, and in the long term, you are likely to make mistakes because you have gotten so comfortable with getting away with it, that the next time there is a higher risk that you will let yourself get caught out.

 In fact, if anything, it should persuade you to travel in the completely opposite direction; learn from your mistake, brush it under the carpet and prey that it never comes up and get on with your life and your relationship!

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