2013 is The Year Competition

January 3, 2013 by caesar27  
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2013 is the year hard. Be a lot of competition in any field and is certainly a struggle.

So every person, should further improve the quality of each self. Self-improvement, especially in terms of discipline, honesty, and physically is made more attractive appearance. Why appearance?

Because physical appearance is the first thing people see. Who try not pleased to see someone with a fresh-faced fashion and accessories ‘perfect’ attached to his body.

Indeed determine a person’s physical performance, at least on first impression. Because people in general will notice an attractive person. So anyone should pay more attention to his appearance. Do not get out because it is permanent and feel comfortable in the workplace, for example, so careless, no longer cares appearance

For that, someone, especially women, should keep abreast of fashion. No need expensive clothes, choosing clothes that fit your body shape and skin color, it can make a perfect appearance. If it is so, one would have to feel confident. With the confidence that one can show a maximum performance.

To get the body primed, discipline patterns in health, both physically and psychologically also must be considered. Since 2013 or later will be more extreme weather conditions. The air is still uncertain, heat briefly and quickly turned cold. What is meant here is the good air in a real sense, the actual air, or air in the literal sense

whoever you are, should pay attention to diet and good sleep or rest. Not only that, for those who are already active sexuality must also be more attentive and alert. Because in general, in 2013 to become more frequent sex and infidelity. “So, the husband and wife should maintain harmony. This will avoid infidelity, “

So, how do? “There is a formula that should be kept in mind that, men generally have a weakness with what the eye. While women, weaknesses in the ear. So one of the things that can be done is to keep up appearances and be polite so that couples do not glance at the more interesting and turn. Meanwhile, to guard against weakness in the ears is not misleading, any person should be careful with the guy a lot of promise. because the man usually so much a lie

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