16 Nice Things You Can Do for Your Husband

July 3, 2007 by M. Jeanette  
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Here is a short list of nice things that’ll make him happy.

Everyone needs to know that they are valued and loved for who they are. Here are 15 things you can do for your husband to show him that you love and respect who he is.

  1. When he is watching the ballgame or a favorite show on television, let him.
  2. At least once a month, make him his favorite meal.
  3. Make him a coupon book with “fill in the blank” coupons.
  4. Let him talk.
  5. Don’t jump him as soon as he walks in the door to vent your frustrations.
  6. Send him flowers to his job.
  7. Let him pick the movie.
  8. Give him a pedicure.
  9. If a pedicure is just too much to take, give him a manicure.
  10. Lotion his back when he gets out of the shower.
  11. Make an effort to get his clothes ready from work once in a while.
  12. Find out what he likes and do it.
  13. Act like you did before you were married.
  14. Send the kids to grandma’s for a weekend.
  15. Buy him a greeting card, kiss him on the cheek and hand it to him.
  16. And number 16, if he wants to do something for or to you after all of this, enjoy it!!
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2 Responses to “16 Nice Things You Can Do for Your Husband”
  1. coolrunnin' Says:

    Of course I liked it. I am the husband! ;)
    Many more like this please.

  2. amy Says:

    Thanks so much! I love the mani/pedi and lotion ideas. Very sweet.

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