12 Reasons to Marry Love

August 20, 2012 by sanabam  
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Nowadays many Christian families or married couples have been broken after some or many years after their marriage with or without children. It is advisable to them to consider a reasoning to reconcile their marriage knot on the basis of the Scriptures for a better society.

1. Find a new love with whom you want grow old having a heart of love till your last breath. She will be an abode of pillars by her love. With the passes of time, your abode might get old but the pillars will remain strong, because of nourishment given by the eternality of love. Do not think in today’s society, people will laugh at and reverse it as. She may not give you a car to drive but with a heart which has feelings and money. Its pillars will be strong like irons with the passes of time. Your abode will fill with happiness in this concrete world because you will be happier and love all the time.

2. Find a new heart with whom you want to play your love. He will consider another form of worship in readiness to face the most destructive disaster in their lives for their love ones. The legendary ‘Thoibi (Juliet)’ went in exile for the sake of her beloved Khamba (Romeo). She was the most beautiful and powerful princess in her time but was willing to stumble the thorny paths of life because she was in love. Her hero Khamba was willing to go any extent of dangerous path for the sake of her.

3. Find a new hand that is simple but will love each other. That will bring belief everything in fair love. It’s not love that attracts us towards our partners but his or her bank balance, property, certificates, job’s position and reputation. There shall be no reconciliation or compromise out of such love. It would be more like the gifts he gives to his partner. The penniless spouse becomes unworthy of being in love. It would be wrong.

4. Find a younger one who is not undergoing a conflict zone to decide between love and materialistic world. He will not drive an expensive bike to get a beautiful lady to sit at his back. If he walks on her feet no beauty will give him a sight. She also must not try to get a lavish guy with an expensive bike calculating the price tag of his bike before she says yes to him. The more expensive and latest bike he has possessed the more girls reciprocate his love proposal. It has nothing to do with her feelings for him. Such guys have broken the conventional view of falling in love. For them, it is no longer an institute of intuition, it is like a computerized program where you on the button of love if he is rich, if he is poor you off the button.

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