10 Tips to Being a Good Wife

November 29, 2007 by Ness McKay  
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Marriage is work, all work requires some form of skill and all skills can be improved.

I know, some of you are thinking that there should be more than ten. While others are thinking that no advice is needed. Which ever it is, I argue that one simple fact remains constant – Marriage is work, and any work requires some level of skill and skills can always be improved.

  1. Do not take an argument into the bedroom. Both of you need to make this rule firm and clear. Your partnership needs a place to be nurtured a place that is sacred and protected from all the day-to-day troubles of life. Make it your bedroom and make your bedroom your sanctuary. If fact if you are busy like most of us are and you are having trouble keeping up with the housework make sure that your bedroom is always free of clutter, the bed is made and the room is generally clean. Make this a place you both love to escape to at the end of the day to spend time together.
  2. Never put your husband down in front of people. You would not like it done to you so do not do it to him. This is the man you love, treat him accordingly.
  3. Remember why your husband is working late. It is not to spite you. It is improve the standard of living for both of you and your children. Do not add to his burden by making him feel guilty for being at work. If you feel he is overloaded, and perhaps the stress of it all is getting to him, talk to him about taking a weekend off, ask him to schedule some time in the near future. It may be a month away but at least you will both have something to look forward to.
  4. Plan activities in your free time together that you will both enjoy, or at least make sure that the time is equally divided into things you enjoy and things your husband enjoys doing. Do not over schedule the free time you have together with visiting relatives and other social obligations. The most important relationship you have to nature is your marriage.
  5. When your husband has time to spend at home it is fair to expect him to help around the house, but do not overload him with so many chores that he is looking forward to Monday morning when he can return to work and take things easy. You are not your husband and he is not your own personal laborer doomed to fulfill your every wish. Talk about what things need to be done, offer to set up a schedule, find out what he wants to do and plan the jobs accordingly. You may even find its better to hire outside help. This is something you need to discuss.
  6. Maybe not flowers, but remember men like surprises too. Perhaps tickets to a sporting event, his favorite beer or wine in the fridge, rent his favorite movie, a special lunch time surprise at work, even a simple text message to tell him you love him and you a looking forward to seeing him later.
  7. Leave out the toilet seat argument. Have you ever put the seat up for him? This one is really not worth the trouble.
  8. His friends may be horrible, but they mean something to him. Do not put them down, or make fun of them. Would you like him to treat your friends that way? If he does perhaps you need to discuss that you do not like it and agree for both of you to stop.
  9. She might be the mother-in-law from hell, but she is his mum. Try to find some compromise without surrendering your sanity. Life will be easier if you can.
  10. Finally, don’t nag it causes wrinkles!! And we can all do without them

Basically, love him and the life you have created around your relationship.

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  1. deshiningstarz Says:

    I like it

  2. kaka Says:


  3. Lulu Says:

    I agree Bull. Who ever wrote this must be a stay at home mom!
    I barely have time to pee.

  4. Jesus Saves Says:

    You get out of a marriage only what you put in to it, and I found out for myself if you treat your husband like the King of your house he will in return treat you like a Queen. No paper plates and constant nagging ladies! :) Jesus Saves!!!!

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