10 Rules to Live a Happy Married Life

November 20, 2008 by Akila Ram  
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Add fragrance to your love life…

1. Live and Let Live, don’t control your partner. Allow him to do the things he likes to do.

2. Don’t give him up at any cost.

3. Stop talking ill/bad about your partner and his family.

4. Build your partner rather than blaming about his short comings. Pray for those areas for him to change and leave it to god.

5.  Trust your partner. When you are out in public with your partner, only say things that build him up and affirm him, not critical things. 

6. Be the first to appreciate your partner even for a smallest achievement.

7.Stop nagging/bossing your partner..Make him feel the home is a peaceful, comfortable place for him to stay..

8.Encourage your partner with sweet words and show a loving attitude..

9.Get to know your partner’s favourite recipes, restaurants, clothing etc. Surprise him with his favourite recipe once in a week..

10. Last but not least, treat your partner’s family as yours.. Dont say a word bad about his family eventhough they are not good to you..Before you tend to say something bad, put yourself in his shoes and see how you would feel.. A loving word to your partner’s folks and siblings will make a huge difference in your life..

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16 Responses to “10 Rules to Live a Happy Married Life”
  1. randomstringofcharacters@gmail.com Says:

    3 and 10 are the same thing; 3 and 4 mostly overlap.

    9 assumes that you are the chef. Sexist assumption.

    2 basically says that if he batters you, stay with him, and it’s one of the more useless pieces of advice (What if he batters you? What if you are utterly miserable with him?)

    The whole list screams “be a good little quiet woman who knows her place”. It gives a lot of information on how to continue to be married, but nothing on why that would be “happy” for you.

    I am betting this was written by a man, because if it was written by a woman I am suspecting she sublimates so much of herself to keep the marriage together that she doesn’t even know that she’s miserable.

  2. Notquitesorandom Says:

    Umm, comment number one was obviously made by a woman who has been burned in relationships.
    That list goes for men too. Perhaps more so. Just substitute “her” where it says “his”.
    Shoot, I sure hope my guy makes my favorite dish for me at LEAST once a week. I can’t cook to save my life, but I love home-cooked meals. Chicken pot-pie out of the freezer just doesn’t cut it.
    And out in public? Don’t get me started.

    Yep, relationships are what you make them. Two-way street, honey. Guys need to start picking up the slack and their ladies more like queens. Think I’m going to print this one and put it on his pillow.

  3. Melissa P Says:

    You might want to zip forward from the 1950’s and join the rest of us having relationships in the 2000’s.

  4. mike Says:

    awesome. I’m going to follow this to the letter, starting … now!

  5. Sklar Says:

    I agree with the post 100% as well as this being a two way street. Also someone needs stripslashes() around the posts.

  6. bleh Says:

    (I just vomited a little in my mouth.) This list is antiquated and does not reflect the realities of modern relationships. Seven years into a warm, happy, healthy marriage and I can only offer two pieces of advice: choose wisely and be kind.

  7. Disgusted Says:

    I too VOMITED a bit from reading these comments!

    Maybe if you LADIES spent less time reading on the internet and MORE time attempting NOT to be jilted, angry man-hating lesbians… Well… You know.

    As was said already… substitute her for his and it goes BOTH ways!

    No need to start bashing right away!


    Gee… I wonder WHY you have had problems in the past…

    Think it over!

  8. Tia Says:

    “Maybe if you LADIES spent less time reading on the internet and MORE time attempting NOT to be jilted, angry man-hating lesbians… Well… You know.”

    Hey that’s insulting!
    To lesbians. They don’t hate men, they just like women.

    You mean a bitter old hag! =D
    I’m a women and I see nothing wrong with this list.
    It’s sweet, feminist are so full of crap. They don’t
    think of themselves as the equal sex but as the master
    sex, and they’re wrong.

  9. Daniel Says:

    Yes, Tia! I agree. Women should just stay in the kitchen where they belong! Feminism has no place in our society. I think women’s right to vote should be rescinded, as we all know that women aren’t really capable of that level of complex thought. Feminists are SOO full of crap! Women should not be allowed to have jobs outside the home or own property. As a matter of fact they should BE property. Women should be kept from any kind of education, since it is wasted on their feeble minds anyway. Their number one priority should be to their husbands first, then children…

    Feminists have completely changed our society from this ideal (female subservience) and created a society of VILE EQUALITY. Disgusting! Women should really know their place. Feminism is bad for society!

    (For those who are sarcasm impaired: Feminists have brought us these changes in the status of women. Feminism is not “man hating lesbians”. Feminism is equality for all. Feminists have pushed for women’s rights not to be property and modern women tend to be shamefully unaware of that, and tend to side with those who would oppress them. People are not stereotypes, feminist aren’t man hating lesbians anymore than Jews are greedy, or blacks are lazy. These are just vile stereotypes and intelligent people should know better.)

  10. randomstringofcharacters@gmail.com Says:


    Nope. I’m a guy. Happily married. Better luck next time.

  11. Married Man Says:

    As some have said, this article works well if it is read from both sides. Basically, treat your partner like they are special.

    That being stated, the problem with ultra-feminists is that they look down on women like my beautiful wife. She is educated, well put together, and a great home maker. She busts her rear end making our home and children spectacular. She works twice as hard as I do. I’ve tried to her job for a few days and there is no way I had the patience, organizational skills, nor mental fortitude to handle her work. She left a fantastic corporate gig to become a full time mother. It makes me sick when I hear other women degrade her for her choice. Don’t judge her because “work” is in the “kitchen.” My wife, and countless women like her, have sacrificed all for their babies. These women are the definition of beauty!

  12. Kelly Says:

    Feminists have gone too far. I can see a lot of women getting angry with 7 and 9, but girls, respect your men. You are there to keep everything in order to make him feel comfortable. He is there to protect and support you. It doesn’t matter if you have a job or are a housewife, the message is the same.

    You got offended WAY too quickly. These are rules to live by today for either the him or her. You probably don’t realize that you are doing those things anyway if you have good marriage.

  13. Sunita Says:

    Marriage is a long lasting relationship.Consider your spouse as your best friend.I like your ideas of happy marriage.
    Happy Marriage Tips

  14. S.C. Says:

    I like the list too. After two failed marriages, I would like #3 to be a good one, and I am looking for tips. Thanks.

  15. pkprasad Says:

    Great. this is great for the man who wanna dominate, great thinking man when was its published 18th century? that time their were no internet, may be the writer s age is 500.

  16. Evelyn Says:

    And what if it is your partners family doing all the talking about you. Do you just sit back and take it or do you defend yourself. I opt for defending myself against them. The sad thing is your husband never stands up for you but for them. So they have all the control in the marriage not you and your husband.

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