How to Spend Time with Your Child When You are Busy

March 26, 2011 by voodoobrb  
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How to spend time with your child when you are busy.

Time spent with children and our need not be extremely long, but it must be “quality.” We must find ways to sneak some memorable moments including mandatory activities that will ensure our children we love and that we care about them.

Children have their own way “subtle” to our attention when we feel like not enough. Some will retire, while others will act to get what they want. It will reflect in their actions when they comment back an educator, teacher or professor, you will fight with another colleague or will return to the behaviors with which we were once warned: crying, tantrums or even making pee in bed. This is one way to us attention, although many times the negative, to be able to enjoy the time that we focus only on them. In essence, the kids think: “If I can not attention doing something good, I’ll point him doing something sorry. “ And as nobody wants that, parents are the ones who must solve this problem.

So how do we find time for them when they do not have any for us?

Cum sa petreci timp cu copilul tau cand esti ocupat

1. Four eyes

Best time you can spend with our child together is when we do something we like both. Even if the family has several children, each parent can spend a little quality time with each of them in turn. Father can go to a movie with one, the mother may lead to the park or walk on the other. If you really do not have time on weekdays, Saturdays or all weekend children’s book.

2. Integrate with the child during your daily schedule

Children love to help. If you need to take care of correspondence, from washing dishes, to do cleaning or paying bills, let your child get involved. If you need to go shopping, make fun of visiting a supermarket. If you need to prepare dinner, give him something to do and to contribute to the preparation process. Although at first may be all in awe and kitchen may require more time, you will see that the children will become the most trusted aids and when they look back, will remember that “before dinner” was always a special moment with you .

3. Time Ghost

If you really do not have any free time until 15 o’clock, you can make their presence felt even when you are with your child does not write tickets and put them in the package you are ready for school. If it’s Maricel and has a cell phone , send a message or call him hear your voice.

4. Break

Everybody is busy. Some parents are busier than others. Strain at least one break daily, so you and your children to spend 15 minutes or half an hour together. If you really need, set a timer so everyone knows when the break begins and when it ends. No time to break even? Awaken your child 15 minutes earlier so you can listen to him and to stay together than in the morning. If you think that 15 minutes is too little and insignificant, for your child are 15 minutes more with his father.

Spending time with your children gives them the opportunity to learn and be heard. But above all offers an opportunity to EGA close friendship with them. This friendship and connection will make children feel loved and protected. So, let the bedding and leave undone near the coffee filter until it is ready, and take advantage of extra minutes to spend it with them. When you look back, you will be grateful for all the memories you have created in these little breaks.

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