How to Deal with Hyper Kids

August 9, 2011 by IzzyInTheHouse  
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Just a few tips on how to deal with them and some ideas for the summer holidays.

A few of the tips I have learned through having my own. Hopefully a great help as it is the summer holidays and it can get rather full on.

1. Spend around a hour playing with them a day.

That’s right, an hour a day. You can split this into two 30 minute sessions (which I recommend) or four 15 minutes sessions – whatever you prefer, but you must spend some quality time with them. The best thing to do is go out in the garden (if it isn’t raining of course, though you can if it is raining) and give them a game of football. Or maybe skipping for girls. Count how many times they can skip in a row or give them a bet of how many times they can bounce a ball in a row. If it is raining, challenge them to do 10 push ups or have a play on the Wii with them. Try and tire them out.

An hour man seem a lot now, but you will end up enjoying yourself as much as them. Kids really appreciate this time and can’t wait for it each day. If your kid is older, things like the Wii are probably a better idea. Children love a good game of Just Dance, I can tell you! Make sure you don’t stop every five minutes to check your phone either. I would recommend you to turn it off for those 30 minutes as kids really feel better when your whole attention is focused on them and no one else. A great time for bonding as well!

2. Let them help you make lunch.

Again, this may seem like a lot of effort, but they will enjoy it and it teaches them lessons they will need to know in life. Not only does it educate them about what food they should eat and which they shouldn’t, it keeps them away from sugar loaded snacks. They can even draw out a lunch chart if they want to. Cucumber sandwiches on Monday and a wrap on Tuesday? Introduce them to new foods and watch them grow! Once again, they will love it!

3. Take them out to a park with a picnic

Take them with you to your local shop and let them chose with you. Cocktail sausages, pork pies and sandwich fillers are a hit normally. Try to stay away from sugary foods like sweets (keep away from the Pick’N'Mix parts of shops!) but crisps and biscuits aren’t too bad every now and then. A time like this should be a treat, so buy them their favourites and they will think it is a special occasion. If you have a dog then take him/her as well. Get the dog to chase a toy etc. and challenge the children to try and recieve the toy before the dog. Taking a football is also a nice idea as you can play a kick about. Bringing your childs friends is also a good idea so they can wear eachother out and you can relax with their mums or dads. The idea of that is really just to tire them out and use up some of their energy. But do NOT let them bring a DS or Blackberry etc.! Let them have a good time without technology.

4. Let them have a friend over.

This might sound a scary idea at first, but it can be fun! A good idea is to get a cake mix ready for them so they have something to focus on. Try not to do much for them but let your child and their friend work it out on their own. Or get the swimming pool out if it is hot. Even a little pool will be great fun. Or get out the water cannons. Just try and put out a few toys from the shed and let them play. Maybe you could ask round one of your friends and have a coffee break. At lunch time just give them sandwiches and fruit – not too much sugar! They will have fun running around and playing with their friend, you will have let off some stream and will feel less stressed out, and it will be a happier family. At night they will be tired as well so it will be easier to put them to bed.

5. Rent a film or dig out the old DVDs.

That’s right! A nice family comedy film that kids will love. It could be a new one such as Despicable Me or Gnomeo and Juilet, or an older film like the Shreks. Get a blanket, some popcorn and snuggle up before bed. For a really nice effect (and to make their eyes heavy!), turn the living room light off as well. Then at the end of the film continue talking about the film and how good it was etc. and lead them upstairs. Get out their pyjamas and leave them for about 5 minutes to snuggle into bed. By the time you go in they will probably be half asleep!

When choosing the film, try not to choose a thriller kind of film with lots of jumps and bangs. Animated films with funny characters that appeal to kids are normally the best choice. They relax them and make them snuggle up more.

Just a few tips but they will make your life much, much easier!


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