HOW to be a Cool Grandmother or Sharing Secrets Around a Batch of Home Baked Cookies

February 20, 2012 by A Bromley  
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Grandparents are supposed to be "cool" and all wise and ever so clever and just plain fun to be around. They know really great stories and how to make anything and everything. They know all the good games to play and all about nature and growing up and all that good stuff and they are supposed to know the secret for surviving a stormy day when you can’t go outside and play and they are supposed to love you even when you are being the whine that is twanging their last nerve. Here are a few ideas on how to be a really cool grandmother. Read more…

HOW TO BE A COOL GRANDMOTHER or Sharing Secrets around a batch of home baked cookies

The kids were on a school break, mid-winter vacation and with not much to do for entertainment.  The weather was lousy so they couldn’t go outside and play.  It was sleeting and cold and dreary, just not a very fun day.  They were bored with board games.  We’d watched a couple of movies and read a whole book from cover to cover but they were bored and antsy and getting whiny and their whining was starting to get on my nerves, my last nerve.

“Let’s bake cookies,” I suggested.  “It will be fun and we will have a cookie party once they are done.  We’ll make oatmeal cookies, some with walnuts and some with raisins and peanut butter and some with both raisins and walnuts.  You can even decorate them with frosting once they have baked and I’ll show you how to make a decorator from a plastic sandwich bag so you can each have your own decorator to use.  It will be fun.” 

I had an ulterior motive for using the walnuts but I waited until cookie party time to explain that.  I took down the bag of in the shell walnuts from the top of the cupboard, opened it up and dumped the contents in a basket and put it on the table.

I got the nut picks from the utility ware drawer of my kitchen cabinet, my nut crackers and three small cheese spreaders to help open the nuts without breaking the shell halves.  I needed to save as many of them as possible to use later.

First we have to shell the nuts and pick out the nutmeats.  I’ll help you.  We will need 2 cups of nutmeats to make a double batch so we can make all three kinds of cookies.  I showed them how to crack the nutshells so the halves didn’t break and how to remove the nutmeats from the shell.  That was a challenge but they tackled it with a vigor and enthusiasm that can only be found in 7 and 8 year olds.  By the time we had managed to get 2 cups of nut meats we had to take time out to sweep the floor and clean up the mess on the table but they had become willing helpers who were looking forward to their cookie reward for their efforts.  Any fighting or whining meant no party later.

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    Great way to keep kids busy and teach them a simple and fun way to play with things they can find around the house. It is becoming a lost art in the digital age, and so many children do not know what to with themselves without electronic devices…

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