Five Fun Ways to Keep The Family Active

July 19, 2011 by Tooyul  
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We’re now aware that children aren’t getting their recommended amount of physical activity each day – so what can be done to change this?

Femalefirst (an online magazine, UK) has released important thing is in order of National Childhood Obesity week (4-10 July), which aims to raise awareness of the dangers of being above a healthly weight during childhood, and the National Lotter have come up with five fun ways for families to get fit and active together.

Jackie O’Sullivan from the National Lottery says: “We all know how important it is to keep our kids fit and healthy – but sometimes this can be challenging with daily demands like jobs, kids and housework. Sometimes we just need a little extra help to get back on track.

“The National Lottery raises £28 million every week for good causes across the UK – including sports facilities, healthy living centres, cycling trails and parks – to help families from all backgrounds achieve a healthy and active lifestyle. Lottery players should feel very proud to know the life changing effect their money can have.”

Here is a list of five simple ways for families to get active at Lottery-funded projects – these are not just for this week, but the whole year. Encouraging you and your children to fight fit and get the best out of life that you can.

MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition… Do it!)

MEND, which has received over £8 million in Lottery grants, runs programmes throughout the year to empower children to become fitter, healthier and happier and to reach or maintain a healthy weight.

For National Childhood Obesity week, they’ve is organising the MEND Move It Week aimed at highlighting the benefits of families doing physical activities together. There are lots of great events happening across the UK. Find out what’s going on near you on their website –

Two wheels are better than four – get kids cycling

Kids love cycling and with over 12,000 miles making up the National Cycle Network, over 75 per cent of the UK population is within two miles of a route. Lottery-funded Sustrans is the co-ordinator of the network and provides an invaluable resource for families wishing to take up cycling, complete with information about local routes and long distance rides.

Play in public parks – get kids outdoors

Public parks often offer great activities for children, including interactive learning based around local wildlife and treasure hunts to keep the young ones amused and active. More than 550 public parks have been rejuvenated with over £525 million of Lottery money, providing outdoor spaces in which kids can get active and enjoy the fresh air.

Take a stroll- get kids wanting to walk

Capture a child’s imagination by visiting some of the beautiful Lottery-funded footpaths across the UK. Create wildlife-watching work sheets and see what the kids can tick off the list as they wander amongst the stunning lochs, rivers and mountains at Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park in Scotland and meander through the breath-taking views on the Millennium Coastal Path in South West Wales.

Green fingers – get kids gardening

Go green together as a family. Getting out in the garden and producing home-grown veggies is not only a great way to exercise but is also a great way to fill the family’s plates with healthy and tasty food.  For families without a garden there are lots of ways to get the kids involved anyway – from growing in window boxes to finding a local community garden that needs a hand with planting.   Organisations like the Lottery-funded BTCV offer activities for all ages across the UK that families can get involved in.

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