Fighting The Money Woes

September 13, 2011 by Tiki33  
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Many are finding themselves worried about where the next meal is gone to come from or how their rent is going to be paid. It’s not easy trying to find employment and when you do the company finds out that their in debt. Well, the cycle starts again.

Many are fighting the money woes. Looking in a depressive manner because they lost their jobs or took a pay cut. I mean who can afford to take a pay cut? I sure can’t afford to lose a penny. The world doesn’t end because your neighbor lost his job or their kids schools decided to rip them off. The nation is in a crisis and it seems to be getter worst. Children are becoming stressed and their parents are feeling great economic pain. Even trying to find an on-line job is a big headache. I guess making a penny here or there is better than making nothing at all. Times are tough and the headaches keep coming. Believe I get on my knees and pray and I’m sure many others are as well.

Money seems to get many people down. If it sounds like I’m one of those people than you have guessed correctly. There’s no time to wait for the government to give a hand out. I trying different online gigs and make a little but will this over all my expenses. Let’s see rent, lights, children’s fees, food, cable bill. I’m trying to get some of these covered. Many some money will fall out of the sky! I need some income that will allow be to keep my sanity. I’m trying to stay encouraged and encouraging others to keep on trucking. Its not easy but life still goes on. Money you are no easy task. I’ll get there and so will you!

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  1. megamatt09 Says:

    Money woes are something that are really causing us to feel the heat.

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