Father Dearest

July 2, 2011 by Jamie Lewison  
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Did you thank all the fathers in your life on Fathers Day?

Did you thank all the fathers in your life?  Did you thank your sweet father or your brother whose wife just had a baby boy?  How about the neighbor down the street?

Did you give your father something nice and something to remember you by?  Was it tools or after shave?

How about your Heavenly Father?  Did you remember to wish your Heavenly Father a happy Fathers Day and to thank him for everything he had done in your life?  Did you thank him for the blessing that he is going to bring your way in the future?

Did you give your Heavenly Father a present in the form of tithing?  Did you sing his praise loud in church on that Sunday? 

I wish my Heavenly Father a Happy Fathers Day and thanked him for the many blessings in my life such as the roof over my head, my family and friends.  Mostly, I said a special thank you for my Heavenly Father in my life and my Special Father showing me love, guidance, joy, peace, and love.

Did I give my Heavenly Father a special gift?  I send mine to a famous tv  preacher that I watch.  Did you?

It is never too late to tell our Heavenly Father a special thank you for every thing he does for us.

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