Benefits of Journaling

April 15, 2012 by Kharla Jolly  
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This article is about the beneficial therapy, of writing our thoughts down on paper.

Many years back, I had a senior English-Lit. teacher, by the name of Ellen E. She had a reputation for being one of the best instructors ever, in the Tawas Area School system. This lady could bring out the deepest meaning from a few short lines of poetry, that most of us would have otherwise, missed. Before spending a year in her classroom, my opinion of Shakespeares writings, they were kinky, confusing, and a total waste of time. Then, Mrs. E. took the time to explain in detail, exactly what was going on in these plays. Her gift of understanding these writings lit a spark of interest, that most of us didn’t have before.

One point that Mrs. E always stressed the importance of, was daily journaling. She had practiced this herself for all of her adult years, since the first days of entering into college. I always enjoyed doing it, but really didn’t know what benefits were gained by doing this.

Apparently, Mrs. E had lost her oldest son Doug, in a tragic mountain climbing accident. He was a very healthy, active young man, in his mid-twenties at the time this happened. Writing journals became her escape route, to lift her out of the painful depths of chronic mental depression. The darkness would subside for a short period of time, only to return again, with revenge. Ellen had learned how to empty out her hurts, with a pile of pens and a thick pad of paper. Did this take away the fact that she would never be able to hear   Doug’s warm, familiar voice, ever again? No, it only provided her with way to vent out that inner suffering.   This made possible a means for healing, that Ellen so obviously needed.

Anything that bothers us, can persistently eat away on our insides. This will sooner or later, cause us to become mentally or physically sick and in some instances, even cause a premature death. That’s why it’s so extremely vital, to learn a way of letting those inner feeling escape!

People who have athletic abilities, use sports and physical activities they enjoy most, do this for them. One with a strong love for music, can do the exact same thing, through playing an instrument, or even just listening to these melodious works of art. While some find their escape with paint brushes and a piece of canvas or art paper. Just find what works best for you as an individual and then use it to the fullest, for your own well being.

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10 Responses to “Benefits of Journaling”
  1. momofplenty Says:

    I have journalled…. but I might give it a whirl. thanks

  2. Norm Schneider Says:

    Good article; I’m a fan of journaling as well.

  3. lauralu Says:

    Yes Kharla when my son was gone for many years,
    i think you read my story in my articles our son came home
    this helped deal with his absence I wrote as if I was talking to him and later when he came back I was able to share some of it
    with him, writing is a great release and well written articles
    are an art form. good one thanks xxoo

  4. mohitraj321 Says:

    very helpful tips

  5. Ixodoi Says:

    I wrote journal in the past. I hope to come back to it soon.

  6. Uma Shankari Says:

    Somehow I never developed that habit. Though it has many beneficial aspects, there is one point as well to remember. Certain unpleasant memories that should have been forgotten can be in danger of being remembered for ever. Unless you develop a conciliatory and forgiving attitude towards unpleasant things and record them too, you may end up remembering every difference with every one around.

  7. Kai Vicky Says:

    Very useful tips.

  8. Ukrainian Says:

    Writing is a great way to express yourself and share your knowledge with the world.

  9. jennifer eiffel01 Says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful article. It was really nice, I have always attempted to journal, but never did. I have plenty of journals that I think I will start writing.

  10. Martin Kloess Says:

    Well written piece, thank you.

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