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May 5, 2011 by tonyleather  
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Super powers are the stuff of marvel comics and science fiction authors, but strange things do happen from time to time in nature, and in the past decade two girls have come to public attention who could signal evolutionary advances in vision.


I loved watching the X-men movies, their improbable super-powers very entertaining, and a good way of relaxing for an hour or two, but in the strange world of the scientifically skeptical, it would appear that there are two girls known of, on the planet today, who are real-life examples.

Natasha Demkina claims to  quite literally be able to see right into people’s bodies, even to the extent of correctly diagnosing medical conditions without either ultrasound or x-ray equipment. Her mother,  Tatyana Vladimovna, relates her daughter being like any other child, though she learned quickly, able to talk at only six months and reciting Pushkin at twelve months old, a trend that continued.


At ten she began tell her mother about seeing inside people, describing  the internal organs of her mother as she peered hard at her body. Her hometown hospital in Russian town saw doctors doing tests, which seemed to prove that Natasha could indeed see things internally.


In England, the girl allegedly identified, correctly, fractures and metal pins in the legs of  a woman recently hurt in a road accident, but showing no external sign of it..Tests by the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP), aimed at  scientifically assessing Natasha’s claims took place, but as she only scored four correct answers of seven possibles, and not five, the claims were dismissed, though she still tours in her home country, where she has a big fan base.


The other girl is American, named  Laura Castro, 14, from Miami. She was born normal but at the age of 10 her brown eyes faded in colour gradually yo a golden hue then to pure white, irises and all, though she still sees perfectly well. Eye doctors are all at a loss to explain the cause of her rare condition. According to her mother, Anabel, Laura can see anywhere, be it daylight dark, and also through solid objects, this ability having strengthened proportionately as her eye-color faded, Scientific studies of this X-ray girl demonstrate her can seeing clearly through solid rock walls and thick layers of wood, even though eye examinations showed them, apart from the complete  lack of color, to be no different from normal eyes.

First showing signs of her unique condition in 2005, just after her 10th birthday, Laura was terrified at first, being able, apparently, to see through her own body at her own heart beating, but she calmed down after a while, and is now quite used to it, though classmates tend to avoid her.


Despite newspaper stories about what she can and cannot do, Laura’s X-man ability has still to be fully tested by doctors, so tongues should be kept firmly in cheeks for now. It is not unreasonable to suppose that, at some point in human evolution, such biological developments might happen naturally, but for now they remain the stuff of comic books. Then again, if Laura and Natasha are real X-girls, when will Wolverine show his face? 


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