Womens Fashion Spring Tips

February 25, 2011 by Cezar Hamsy  
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You probably already have almost everything needed for this season, with only a few key purchases to update your look.

Let’s start with the eyes. Spring is the time to keep the dark colors of winter and lighten your partner! the colors are very steep, this year, with everything from green to orange to appear in the eyes. The key is to exercise flexibility and do not extend too far from the top of the front, or you’ll end up looking like a clown. Blue eyeliner has been all the tracks this season, but how you do it yourself? If you are unsure, start with the pure blue light that can be applied with a fine point. If you have blue eye shadow collecting dust now is the time to exit. Just use a brush inclined to apply a thin layer only around the outer edges of their eyes, which is sure to give it a beautiful new look without going overboard. 

The lips and cheeks should also lighten the spring. Glosses to replace heavy winter lipstick, which is any shade. Do not forget to clear the lips if you’re playing up your eyes. Focusing on a feature will help you make the colors look subtle and natural, even when using some of the bolder colors of spring. pink lip gloss and cheek is always a hit, helping to give anyone a youthful glow bright

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