Women Expect Men to Do

November 20, 2013 by DavidPreston  
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Women Expect Men to Do.

Women have a lot of expectations from the man in their lives. Certain points which are eternal truths have always stood in the way of a happy relationship. The sooner women accept these and move forward in action and word accordingly, the better it is for their life in a relationship.

    He will understand that I need help – Oh no, he won’t! If you need something to be done by your partner, you need to speak up and TELL him “Honey, do this for me please.” For example, you are having guests over, lot of cooking to be done, you are juggling multiple tasks in the kitchen, whereas your hubby dear is sprawled in front of the TV, glued to it. You expect, he is seeing you work, so he will come asking to offer help. Who are you fooling? He is thinking, “Well, until now she is managing, if she needs help she will tell.” If you are fretting that he is not coming to help, well sweetie just call him and tell him “Honey, peel the potatoes, turn the bake on”……and other instructions. He will be too glad to help.
    I told him once, he will remember – Remember? You serious? 99% of the time, he will not! If you want your partner to do a job, keep reminding! Don’t stop at one time. If you both are working at different places, drop in a message on the cell “Honey, the bill needs to be paid”…and the likes. If the work is to be done at home, leave a stickup note at places he is sure to visit – like the refrigerator or the beer counter, “Honey, the flush needs repair.” Rest assured, it will be done.
    He knows my mother’s birthday – Oh well, sure he does, just that he does not remember it is today….!! Don’t hold it against him. Guys are bad with dates. Accept it. Does not mean that the love is less in any way. Keep talking about dates you want him to remember. More so, on your mom’s birthday, go ahead and tell him “Honey, mom’s birthday today. She will feel so happy if you give her a call.” Be prepared, it can be your birthday or even your anniversary. Well, fretting will only make the issue worse. Keep your patience and enjoy the day ladies.
    He should take care of his clothes – Of course he should, the only sad part is he DOES NOT. Sometimes when you open his part of the cupboard, you will be greeted by a pungent odor. When you fish through the clothes, you will find unwashed clothes kept in a bunch right in the middle of clean ironed clothes! Don’t lash out. Just speak out a line “Honey, your looks will get hampered in office if you go in stinking clothes! So keep the stinking clothes away from the good ones.” Keep your fingers crossed that this will work.
    He will do his own packing – You’ve got to be kidding me!! When out on vacation, he definitely wants to look his best but what makes him look best….that YOU must know. Otherwise, if the choice is left to him…..well you might land yourself in a situation to hear “Honey, these shorts don’t seem to match the sweat shirt” or “Honey, did I give you my undies?” Save yourself. Let him help but you do his packing!
    The car keys were there on the table, he should have found it – You are right, he should have, but just that he did not. Things kept right in front of his eyes, he is not able to find. Sometimes, he keeps certain things and still is not able to find them. Well, pardon him. Do the finding for him.
    After he comes from office, he should give me time – Right you are. He definitely should. One hitch. You see, the full day grinding in office leaves him tired and drained. All he craves for when he gets home is peace of mind, something pleasing to the eye, good food, and lots of love. Start with keeping yourself presentable. When he gets home, hand over a glass of water, sit with him, or maybe just inquire, “Honey, how was your day.” Don’t start pouring out complaints about children or whatever, fretting about his time, etc. This will only make him want to be left alone. Give him some love and space, so he wants to be with you.
    He knows I will be late from work, he should have ordered dinner – Gotcha! He knows he needs to help, just that he does not know how! Why not give him the idea. A sweet message on the cell maybe “Honey, what if you order dinner, so I am free when I get home and we get to spend some time together.” Can work wonders. When you get home, who knows, when you come out after a shower, maybe the food is on the table with candles and some good wine? Try it.
    He never comments on how I look – Ladies, ladies…..! Your man knows you look good and you take care of yourself. Though at times you expect him to say that but don’t keep a condition that he HAS TO. Well, when dating, a lot of things guys do it to impress, but once you are together, your man knows you are his and there is no need to impress you. Not that the love is any less, just that he loves you and not how you dress or look. Take it in your stride. Well, if he comments on your good dressing or good looks – take it as a bonus!!
    He does not say “I love you” as often as he used to – Big loss? Awww…come on! Just saying does not prove anything. He loves you any way and you know that. Still you want him to say it? As time of partnership grows, the understanding grows, the responsibilities grow. For whom is he working so hard, for whom is he planning to buy that new car, for whom does he ring up amid work to find out whether you had your medicine, FOR YOU. Does that not show his care? Maybe his expression is not the same as yours. But how often do you tell him that you care? If you expect it, he does so too. Go ahead ladies, like you say your little prayer before going to sleep, whisper in his ears “Love you honey” before you retire for the day. You never know, he might wake up the next morning the man you want him to be!!

No harm in expecting but just don’t keep conditions of the expectations being fulfilled. No human beings are the same. Don’t compare relations. You are unique, so is your relationship. Understanding your man and acting accordingly is the key to a happy relationship. So forget those “should” and “will”. Give to your man what you expect. You love him, don’t you? So, do it without expecting returns! Enjoy the MAGIC OF LOVE!

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