Wigs are Accessories, Too

January 23, 2009 by bellatorre  
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The pros to wearing wigs.

Have you ever wanted to change your hair color from boring to bold or go from short hair to long hair, or go from straight to curly or vice versa ?  If your not sure about doing something so permanent, then buy a wig.  Wigs are so cool, they allow you to change your look when ever you want.  I should know I have about 8 wigs in my collection and is still growing.  I have bob style wigs, long layered wigs some with soft pretty waves, my collection is a mix of synthetic fiber hair and human hair.  Synthetic wigs are really nice because they come pre-styled so there no bad hair days just spray some wig conditioner on to give a shine, quickly style with a wig brush and your done.  Human hair wigs are really nice, with human wigs you can roller set, flat iron, hot curl, dye to another color, I know because I’ve done it.  About twice amount I will go to my local wig shops and browse in hopes that new wigs are displayed, and I will also search the Internet for wigs and yes, I’ve bought wigs off the Internet.  The Internet has so many wig sites and the variety is endless, I’m like a kid in a candy store.  I really wish there where more wigs shops where I lived with more up to date fashion wigs, like New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, your larger cities.  I consider hair a major accessory and for those bad hair days or that temporary hair make over why not purchase a wig or two?  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

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