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May 1, 2013 by Sandeep Sunny Jasrotia  
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Why Russian women are increasingly turning to the services of international marriage dating sites? "Sexy Women" – is the goal of their life?

Why do they choose to marry a foreigner?


Why Russian women are increasingly turning to the services of international marriage dating sites? “Sexy Women” – is the goal of their life? 

Why do they choose to marry a foreigner? International dating with foreigners – it’s just an opportunity to improve their economic situation? International dating with foreigners – is just a way to change the place of residence?International dating with foreigners – it’s just a passing fad? We think that there are many other explanations for why our women are looking for dating with foreigners! And surprisingly, the international free dating often end with a happy marriage!

What attracts our women in foreign husbands? What makes marry a German, French or Italian and leave established way of life, a career, a familiar circle of friends and family and move to another country? Let’s take a stroll through the streets of European cities and look at the men and women and the answer to the question why the ladies are looking for foreign dating?

Compared to Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major metropolitan cities of Russia, where the percentage of the female population is much greater than man’s, you will notice that in Europe, by contrast, more men! And in the mass, they are more stylish, good-looking, and even the age, which is now referred to as the “third” do not lose their vitality and optimism.

International free dating allow us to see that many of these sites interesting, smart and well-endowed gentlemen! Another positive factor that allows us to hope to meet a life partner, is the fact that families are much later than in Russia. Perhaps, in recent years the situation changed a little bit, and even then not always. Our mothers, taught by bitter experience, his or her friends saying: “Seek the groom, otherwise one will remain” well, if you do not get married until 30, gave birth to a child “for himself”, though a married -

Now you’re a spinster and nothing more in life you do not shine! Here, of course, keep in mind that in those years, which accounted for the youth of our parents, no one knew about the foreign marriage agencies, they did not help a dating service, and the times were totally different. But now, that’s exactly the same conviction home to many girls and women! 

Therefore, in a mini-skirt go to the 15-degree cold, and high heels on the ice, risking life and limb! 

And yet, would know a man by the suffering we go, just to be in shape! Just to get acquainted with a worthy man, and then, so as not to accidentally took her “best friend” or a colleague at work! Russia in 40 years or 50 years of a successful man is unlikely to be acquainted with the same age for marriage, it is rather an exception! 

If you are a successful businessman, or just have a good profession implemented in a specialist, without much difficulty, he finds a woman much younger than himself, with him it does not necessarily look good, or long and look beautiful! Alas! In today’s reality, everything changed places and often have a wedding or not, depends on the man, and then still have to devote your life not only to the children and the house, except what may be even own work and career, and what to keep it! 

In Europe, the situation is completely different! Women marry in the period from 30 to 40 years for men, it can be a little later. People go to a family life quietly, checking feelings, building relationships, and she knows that, too, is your choice!

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