Why Women Korean Plastic Surgery Obsessed?

November 3, 2012 by andiez  
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Why Women Korean Plastic Surgery Obsessed?

There must be a woman complained about her face, either a snub nose, lips less thick or chubby cheeks. This problem is experienced by most women in the world, including Korea. The difference is, if the Indonesian women prefer to cover up shortcomings with make-up, Korean women on a more extreme and permanent, ie plastic surgery.

“Korean women have a very high desire to be able to look pretty perfect. They should be able to look more attractive in order to lure the opposite sex,” said Dr. MJ Kim from Rejuve Dermatology, currently with Restylane trip in Busan, South Korea, Sunday (28/10 / 2012) ago.

In addition based on the desire to have a beautiful face, a booming plastic surgery also triggered the appearance of competition among Korean women to have the perfect facial features. Even many of those who think that having an attractive face and perfect would be easier to get a job, success, and a handsome pair.

Nearly 20,000 Korean women have done this procedure to beautify the face. Dr. Kim also added that the number is increasing 10-15 percent annually. Plastic surgery is very popular with women because they can help them to have a perfect face shape and permanent.

Interest in plastic surgery is also not only among teenagers, but also adults and the teenagers. Even in Korea itself many parents who give the gift of plastic surgery as a graduation or birthday gift for the child’s school. “Parents also have a strong desire to make their children look beautiful,” he explained.

Plastic surgery procedure is a common procedure is usually done in a variety of Korean beauty clinic. Even Dr. Ye Shik Shin, MD, from Navi Plastic Surgery Clinic, Seoul, said that every day the clinic could serve 7-8 plastic surgery as well as in different parts of the face. The surgical procedure most frequently asked patients are rhinoplasty (nose surgery) and bone structure (bone structure change).

However, a growing trend in Korea today is the desire to have a bigger eye shape, nose and forehead as small as a European facial features.

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