Who Remembers More, Men or Women?

June 20, 2013 by Norm Schneider  
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New research claims gals are more observant than guys. What was that again?

In the never ending battle (at least it seems that way) over which gender does things better than the other comes a new study that claims women are better at remembering faces than men. Why would this be important? That’s hard to say, but never think for a moment that all this research about male/female differences isn’t leading somewhere – it’s just hard to know where.

Nevertheless, Canadian researchers have found the women remember faces better than guys because women spend more time looking at the faces and features of other people. Most often women don’t even know they are spending more time checking out other people. While the findings might not seem all that important, the researchers claim that their research will help therapists and medical professionals teach people to increase their face recognition abilities and that will improve their memories. This may be a path toward helping people with memory problems improve their skills. More simply it might just be the added help some people need on a daily basis for remembering people.

According to the research, the way our eyes scan people we meet impacts our ability to remember them.

For example, if you are walking down the street and meet someone who greets you like someone you recently met, but you can’t remember their names, the research suggests there are ways you can train yourself so that you’re not embarrassed when you have to resort to saying, “hi there how are you doing,” instead of greeting the person by name.

How Does it Work?

Because women tend to absorb more information about the people they’ve just met, they are able to form a deeper and richer memory of them.

The researchers used eye-tracking equipment to study where volunteers looked at pictures of people on a computer screen. Facial parts such as eyes, nose or the mouth were used and each person on the screen was given a name that the volunteers were asked to remember.

The results showed that women concentrated on more of the facial features than men did. Often this happened without the volunteers even recognizing they were fixating on certain facial features, especially among the women. It’s all done subconsciously, say the researchers, who believe anyone can be taught to better scan features and thereby improve their memory.

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