Who is Your Ideal Hot Woman? Is it…

December 5, 2011 by TruthIsNow  
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What makes your ideal woman hot? Is it brains, beauty, sexy, skank, or sweet? Let’s get to the bottom line here and yes, I’m going to use hot chick celebrities to make my point…I hope!

Who is Your Ideal Hot Woman?

Do you have a particular type of hottie? Do you drool over a girl in sizzling hot lingerie? Do you get all sweaty when you think about your ideal woman because her IQ is through the roof? Or do you just love that look – the one that says this woman has it all – brains, beauty and the style to pull “it” off?

What Makes Women Hot?


Emily Deschanel

Okay, she may only play brainy on TV but some of that has got to be real. With a successful acting career as a top forensic scientist on Fox’s hit television show Bones, Emily Deschanel may just have “it”! Click here for more of Emily – HOT! 

Did you know? Emily has a hot little sister too. Check out Zooey (pronounce ZOEy) Deschanel HERE!


Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker is one of the most beautiful women in the world. That’s the truth. Not only is she beautiful (can a girl simply look good in everything?) but she appears to carry herself with style and grace – the “it” factor here is mind blowing. See more of beautiful Brooklyn here!


Olivia Wilde

Hands down, sexy – Olivia Wilde. Wet, dry, leather, or lace; Olivia Wilde is simply sexy. What is it about this hot woman that makes her so darn sexy? It’s a personal choice whether you agree but you can’t complain that Olivia hits the “it” mark! Check out a bit more of sexy Olivia Wilde here!


Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson is certainly a viable skank. I don’t mean that (too) disrespectfully, seriously. If skanky is hot, Jenna has got “it” all wrapped up. With a huge film career and hundreds of thousands of drool-inducing photos under her belt, Jenna Jameson is hot and skanky – it’s all about preference, right? See more Jenna (skanky – hot) here!


Cameron Diaz

Sweet Cameron Diaz. Yes, that’s the truth. How often to hear you anything but sticky sweet stuff about this hot woman? Cameron brings sweet to a whole new level and seemingly without any effort at all. Does this make her hot? See more of sweet Cameron Diaz and decide for yourself!

Here’s some truth:

It shouldn’t matter what attracts one to another. Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder and may have no logical reasoning that you can see in regard to someone’s HOT woman choice. Remember, when you are deciding what makes a woman hot, consider her whole beauty, inside and out. Is she brainy, beautiful, sexy, skanky, and sweet? Lucky you!

Oh, and lest you think I missed the men on this one – here’s a little manly contest I ran across recently. Written by men, with men, and it’s more than just a (hottie) thing. Wow!

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Is Poppy Montgomery HOT?

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    good article

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    good information for women


    What makes a woman hot is an identity. As long as she is about something, and is confident in who she is she can be the most attractive woman in the world to someone.

  5. ImKarn23 Says:

    hot is a matter of preference..olivia wilde is definitely hot..

  6. JJSemich Says:

    Good article. I would personally put Poppy Montgomery on any list that discusses hot!

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    porn video makes me feel hotttttttttttt

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  11. ImKarn23 Says:

    brains, confidence, and, of course, Big boobies (reference to article…sorry..lol)

  12. Marquis de Joker Says:

    The eye of the beholder true enough… olivia wilde

  13. Brad Says:

    How about the best of all of the above? Stacey Keibler.

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