Whitney Houston Should be Remembered Properly

February 5, 2013 by Tiki33  
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The tell all books and the want to tell all may be a bit much. Why write about the dark and dirty secrets related to Whitney Houston?

People are still mourning Whitney Houston’s death and it seems that many are cashing in on her death. Do people and fans really need to know all about Whitney Houston? Does anyone want to tell everything that they have done or everything about them? What are the reasons for revealing so much about the deceased singer? Does money play a role with the all tell books?

We know that Whitney Houston abused drugs and many have accepted that she lived a fast life, that was her choice. Perhaps trying to do the right things before her death would have been a better choice. Shouldn’t Whitney be remembered as a beautiful singer and person? I don’t know how I would feel if my closest friend and my mother wrote books about my personal life. If one writes a book to help others than it serves a purpose but writing something to make a few bucks off of ones death is shameful.

We don’t really know the motives of individuals writing about Whitney’s deep down secrets but there seems to be a lot of chatter about her life. Is anyone in a position to judge another? If she could hear the whispers and the conversations about her demons; how do we think she would feel. A mothers love is suppose to run deep and a mother is suppose to protect or at least try to protect. Whitney may not have wanted the world to know everything about her. We have a right to privacy and she had a right to privacy.

What about Bobbi Kristina? When individuals decided to write about Whitney Houston, did they think how it would impact her daughter? I guess no one considers who it would affect if they are gone to earn a hefty sum of money. I wonder if her family ever think about how much pain she could have been in. Was she a addict because she just wanted to be or was she trying to cover up pain? Whitney Houston gave us beautiful melodies and she showed love to her fans and others around her. She should be remembered in the most respectful way.

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8 Responses to “Whitney Houston Should be Remembered Properly”
  1. Rezaul Karim2 Says:

    I love her.

  2. RBB1010 Says:

    They can say all the bad things about her they want, all I’m going to remember is her beautiful voice, person, and songs. We all have faults and your right no one has a position to judge another.
    Whitney Houston…always a favorite of mine. Thanks for this good share.

  3. tonywriter Says:

    very creative write

  4. Uzoma Says:

    Saying bad things about someone when he or she is gone shows you are a coward.

  5. girishpuri Says:

    great words

  6. Jswana Says:

    Whitney reminds me of a bird with a broken wing who wanted to continue her journey but life became just too much for her. After that show “The Houston’s, on Our Own” I felt so badly for her daughter and all I could say was that “Whitney wouldn’t want things this way”. I miss her and just wish that she could have actually enjoyed all the gifts God gave her. May she rest in peace continually.. Fine article.

  7. KittyK Says:

    Unfortunately, when people become public icons, public figures, and stars, everyone sees this as a way to prosper at the expense of said individual. Our society has become one of passing the blame, passing the buck and excuse after excuse for wrongdoing!
    Our conscience should be our guide in all aspects of life…

  8. afaceristonline Says:

    very interesting post .thanks for share

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